Floodwaters Partially Submerge Cabins in Northern Minnesota

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued flood warnings across northern Minnesota on May 16 as heavy rain and snowmelt threatened lakes, rivers, and low-lying areas.

Footage taken by Larry Stanchfield shows cabins partially underwater at Crane Lake, near the US border with Canada in northeastern Minnesota.

The NWS said sandbagging operations were underway, “especially around Hunter and Bowman (Side) Lake.”

A flood warning was in effect for the area until May 18, per the NWS. The service said the region should expect strong to severe thunderstorms into Thursday evening. Credit: Larry Stanchfield via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Here's a look from our window of our RV. Water is way up. And the creek is rolling, so half the parking lot's underwater.

There's where our trailer used to be. Here's where we used to cocktail hour. There's where we used to have breakfast and cocktails. And the house is gone.