Flood advisory issued for parts of Miami-Dade, and all this rain isn’t ending yet

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The weather experts were right. Forecast rain soaked us Friday afternoon, with parts of South Florida swimming in three inches of water.

And more is on the way.

The National Weather Service in Miami issued a flood advisory for South-Central Miami-Dade until 6 p.m. Locations include Homestead, Florida City and Everglades National Park.

The service noted that by 4 p.m. radar and gauges showed some of the heavy rain from thunderstorms brought minor flooding of two to three inches to these areas.

Broward County isn’t sitting high and dry, either.

Fort Lauderdale has seen up to four inches of rain, with water lapping the bottom of car doors, according to a video posted by WPLG-Local 10 meteorologist Brandon Orr.

“This has saturated the ground, leaving South Florida with another flooding threat this weekend,” Orr said on Twitter.

The Keys have also seen rain. Along with the showers and thunderstorms, that could bring another half inch of rain through at least 5 p.m., boaters can expect periods of heavy rain and wind gusts up to 25 knots, according to the weather service.

Storms are expected to linger through Monday as chances remain high at 70% in South Florida through the weekend.

Looking forward to Halloween, after Saturday’s ongoing flood advisories, then the midweek return of dry, warm air and yet another potentially wet front Friday, the Halloween weekend appears to be much friendlier than the rainy Halloween 2020 we might remember. “Nice conditions,” says WSVN meteorologist Erika Delgado.

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