Quentin Grimes says he and Knicks are 'a match made in heaven'

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Quentin Grimes holds basketball at the top of the key
Quentin Grimes holds basketball at the top of the key

If someone gave Quentin Grimes truth serum, he’d probably admit he had hoped to be drafted earlier on Thursday night.

But he got a good consolation prize in joining the Knicks, which he called a “match made in heaven” and “the perfect spot.”

“I felt like just leading up to the draft when I had my workouts with them, I feel like it was a great fit. I know Coach [Tom Thibodeau] is a tough, hard-nosed coach, and then coming from [Houston] Coach [Kelvin] Sampson, who is also a tough, hard-nosed coach, I felt like it would kind of be a match made in heaven,” Grimes said. “Just that he’s gonna be on you…

"And especially in New York, and I definitely want to be a part of it and knowing that they’re doing something special in New York. They made it to the playoffs, and I feel like in years to come, they’re gonna be even closer to even a Finals appearance, for sure.”

“I feel like I was picked in the perfect spot. I feel like some people might say that I was picked too low, picked too high or something like that, but I feel like I got picked in the right situation. I feel like going to New York is going to be a match made in heaven.”

The 21-year-old knows that it won’t just be the coaching staff testing his limits – the fans at Madison Square Garden will, too.

“They expect nothing but greatness every time you step on the court, they’re gonna be on hard you, tough-nosed, and I feel like I’ll be able to embody that Knicks culture and kind of, hopefully, bring that every night I play and step on the court playing in a Knicks jersey,” he said.

Grimes has, admittedly, long been labelled as a “three-and-D” type of player – that certainly gels into the Knicks’ system very well.

But the Knicks’ first-round pick from Thursday’s NBA Draft believes he has proven to be much more than that.

“I feel like coming out of high school, people, that’s kinda – didn’t label me as a shooter at all, so I feel like it was kind of the complete opposite, and I feel like I showed that at the combine, even the two games I played, just the way I was coming in off pick-and-rolls, and making plays, making shots for myself, and making passes, coming off pick-and-rolls and just in transition as well. I feel like early on, I might be kind of be labeled like a three-and-D because of how well I can shoot the ball, and how well I play defense, but I feel like I’ll definitely be able to grow into a really secondary ball handler and kind of be able to make plays and facilitate the rock and kinda just have a well-rounded, overall game…

“I feel like everybody knows that I’m a high-level shooter. I’m a high-level defender, but I feel like I’m also just – kind of, people just label me as a three-and-D guy, but I feel like I’m a lot more than that. I can play pick-and-roll, make plays, create plays for myself and others, but I feel like I could definitely have an immediate impact shooting the ball at a high level for threes and locking down defensively. Those are two things that I really pride myself and hang my hat on.”

But Grimes knows that his three-point shot and defense are his best abilities, and he feels with those aspects – especially his jumper – he can make in immediate impact. He said his three-ball is his most transferrable skill to the NBA.

“I think every team can’t have enough shooters on a team. You can always get better. Even Steph Curry, he’s always in the gym trying to perfect his craft. I feel like shooting for me is what I hang my hat on and my biggest skill. I feel like I’m always trying to be a more consistent shooter, knockdown shooter, and I feel like I’ll definitely kind of have an immediate impact with the Knicks right away with my shooting ability.”

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