First Ever Adults Only Pizzeria - The Smoking Pie

Miami Beach, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - February 7, 2023) - Newly relocated to the nightlife hotspot of Miami, The Smoking Pie is the first ever adults only pizzeria. With an extensive menu of pizza pies, pasta, alcoholic drinks, and Hookah, The Smoking Pie is working to be a staple in the bar and lounge community of Miami.

By creating a space for adults to eat, drink, and hang out, this bar, lounge and restaurant combination has been working to bring people together in a comfortable and fun environment. The Smoking Pie offers a menu that includes 12", personal pizza pies that come in a variety of artisanal and unique flavors. Pasta is the newest addition to the menu, as the brand begins to branch out away from only serving pizza.

The Smoking Pie

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The restaurant is owned and operated by Michael Laboy and his wife, as they work to stand out from the competition by creating new and innovative menu items that keeps their customers coming back to try every new flavor combination. In addition to this, The Smoking Pie creates signature cocktails that pair well with their pizza pies, which elevates the eatery to have a bar and lounge feel. These drinks include fresh ingredients and quality liquor, as Laboy aims to create a safe and luxurious place for his patrons.

The Smoking Pie is the only adults only pizzeria in the Miami Beach area, as well as only one of a handful across the United States. Michael Laboy has been in the entrepreneurial mindset for most of his life, and before The Smoking Pie took roots in Miami, the businessman had been experimenting with several ideas and iterations. As a travel enthusiast, as well as a business owner, Laboy is enthusiastic about his ventures, and feels that Miami Beach is the perfect place to feature his bar and lounge.

Back in 2018, the Smoking Pie was located in New York City, where Laboy grew up. When the pandemic hit, the restaurant industry took a huge hit, and The Smoking Pie closed the doors of its New York location. The business decided to relocate to Miami, two years later, and has seen massive growth since then, as the only adults only pizzeria.

In addition to its cocktail menu, The Smoking Pie will also offer its patrons access to its Hookah bar and bottle service. With these adult-centered activities, this restaurant/bar and lounge is thrilled to be providing a unique experience to the patrons of downtown Miami Beach.

The Smoking Pie is a restaurant and bar/lounge that serves pizza pies as well as drinks and offers a Hookah service. The company is excited about its two year anniversary since its relocation in Miami Beach, Florida. The store is located at 1625 Michigan Ave, and operates as an adults only pizzeria. For more information regarding The Smoking Pie, visit their website.

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