'Firefly Lane' recap: 9 plot points to remember before starting Season 2

It's been a while since Season One of "Firefly Lane" premiered (22 months, if you're counting), but the show is finally back for Season Two, which will be separated into Parts One and Two.

The anticipated second season finally addresses what Tully (Katherine Heigl) did that led to her estrangement from longtime bestie Kate (Sarah Chalke).

Can't remember where things left off? Want to catch up on all the Season One highlights before binge watching Season Two? We've got you covered — and have a part one recap, too.

Kate and Tully meet as teenagers

The besties first meet as teenagers when Tully moves in down the road from Kate with her mom Cloud (Beau Garrett). Tully is effortlessly cool, while Kate is in a bit of an awkward phase, so the two are unlikely friends at first. But they soon forge a lasting bond. They see each other through teenage crushes, Tully's sexual assault, family drama and more.

Tully and her mom have always had a rocky relationship

As a teen, Tully is embarrassed by her unstable single mother Cloud, who is on and off drugs and absent from most of her childhood. In the Season One finale, Cloud is arrested for selling drugs. Tully gets taken away to live with family afterwards and Kate is devastated.

Through the early years of her journalism career, Tully runs into Cloud on a few occasions and gives her money in one scene.

Later on, a misleading journalist digs for information about Tully and finds out that she isn't in touch with Cloud anymore. She does an interview with Cloud and misconstrues her words, writing a scandalous piece about how Tully doesn't support her mother.

Tully confronts Cloud at the diner where she's working and Cloud explains that she told the reporter she was proud of her and the journalist misconstrued her words. She says she'd like to repair their relationship and explains that she's cleaned up her act, but Tully refuses.

Mother and daughter reunite again after Tully has a miscarriage later in the season.

Kate and Tully work together at a local news station in the early days of their career

Tully gets Kate a job at a local news station, where she meets Johnny (Ben Lawson), who Kate instantly crushes on. Tully builds her journalism career with Kate by her side and Kate eventually begins dating another coworker, Mutt (Brendan Taylor), while she pines away for Johnny.

One night, Kate and Johnny almost kiss while Johnny is drunk, but he seems to forget about it the next morning. Later in the season, Johnny and Tully sleep together on a drunken night, much to Kate's dismay.

At her brother's wedding, Kate confronts Johnny about his mixed signals and Mutt realizes that something is going on between the two of them. They break up and she and Johnny eventually start dating.

Kate and Johnny fall in love, have a child and get divorced

Throughout the season, Kate and Johnny's relationship is profiled and we see them fall in love. They get married and Kate gives birth to their daughter Marah (Yael Yurman). The couple grows apart and separates, and Kate tries to get back into the dating game. She has a crush on the father (Travis, played by Brandon Jay McLare) of one of her daughter's classmates, and Johnny walks in on the two hooking up in one scene.

Kate and Johnny are tempted to get back together at several points throughout the season, but the timing is never right. And besides, Johnny is leaving for a journalism job in Iraq so he won't be around for a while. The pair sleep together one last time before he leaves, though, and Kate realizes she's still in love with Johnny.

Kate learns that her brother Sean is gay

As teenagers, Tully learns that Kate's brother Sean (Jason McKinnon) is gay. She keeps his secret for decades. Sean eventually marries and has children, but he later comes out to his wife and they separate. He tells Kate he is gay and she discovers that Tully knew all along.

Tully gets married and has a miscarriage

Tully meets a man named Max (Jon-Michael Ecker) and has a one night stand with him. She doesn’t want anything more serious but they continue to see each other and she ends up pregnant. The pair soon decides to get married. Tully has a miscarriage on their wedding night. Tully soon pushes Max away and later regrets it when she decides she'd like to start over but Max says it's too late.

Tully faces a new challenge at work

In her early career, Tully comes across a man named Wilson King (Martin Donovan) who wants to help her advance her career. But it comes at a price: He wants sexual favors from her in return for his help. Tully turns him down but encounters him again in the future when her talk show "The Girlfriend Hour" is in a ratings slump.

Producers bring Wilson on to help turn the show around. He instantly asserts his dominance and makes changes to the show. When she resists his leadership, Wilson reminds her that she's under contract.

Kate and Tully fight at a funeral

The Season One finale introduces a new era in Kate and Tully's long friendship: Estrangement.

Tully shows up to Kate's father's funeral and runs into Kate, who tells her to leave. “No one wants you here,” she says.

“C’mon Kate, don’t you think you’ve punished me enough?” Tully replies.

“When I said I could never forgive you for what you did, what did you think that meant?” Kate says, adding that she never wants to see Tully again.

Season Two explains the cause of their fight.

Johnny gets in an accident in Iraq

While covering the war in Iraq for work, Johnny is involved in an explosion and falls to the ground. His fate is unclear as of the Season One finale.

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