This firefighting robot is a flame's worst enemy

Firefighting robots. Thermite from Howe and Howe is a remote-controlled firefighting robot. Designed to tackle flames from a distance or up close. So firefighters can keep a distance from highly dangerous situations. Thermite comes in 2 configurations RS1 and RS3. The RS1 weighs 1,600 lbs and has a top speed of 6 mph. It can shoot water at 1,250 gallons per minute from its nozzle and has a powerful 5,000 lb winch. The RS3 is larger than its counterpart. It weighs 3,500 lbs is equipped with an 8,000 lb winch, and can shoot water at 2,500 gallons per minute. The RS3 can also be equipped with a plow, air foam system, and much more. Learn more at

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