Firefighters Protest in Russian-Occupied Enerhodar After Chief Abducted, Official Says

Emergency crews protested in Russian-occupied Enerhodar on Friday, May 20, after the head of the city’s fire and rescue squad was abducted by Russian armed forces, the city’s mayor said.

Mayor Dmitry Orlov said firefighters and ambulance crews came out in support of the abducted chief, Vitaliy Troyan.

Toryan was abducted by Russian forces from his office on May 18 and taken to an unknown location, according to Orlov.

Orlov said the protesting crews were “beaten and fire and rescue equipment damaged.”

Video posted by the mayor shows the crews protesting in central Enerhodar. A vehicle marked with the Russian “Z” symbol can be seen. Credit: Dmitry Orlov via Storyful

Video Transcript