The final A Quiet Place Part II trailer (quietly) begs you to come back to the theater

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Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II
Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II (at least, as depicted in its latest trailer), is a story of desperation. It exists in a world in which huge parts of our infrastructure have been ravaged by an unknowable threat, a reality in which survival hangs on by a thread. Its central character has been put upon, endangered, and damaged by a year-long ordeal. But still it persists, in the face of terrifying brutality. That character’s name? Why, it’s the humble American movie theater. Won’t you save it, good citizens of movie land? Won’t you go see this “experience that theaters were made for” in its natural habitat?

And while we might kid the marketing for A Quiet Place Part II—which would really, truly like to be the first film to benefit from increasing vaccination rates in the U.S., after having its theatrical run aborted more than a year ago amid the dawning days of COVID-19—that is kind of the most notable thing about this new trailer. Everything else is stuff we’ve seen before, including a John Krasinski flashback with very loud oranges, lots of shots of Cillian Murphy being sad, and Emily Blunt getting ready to blow some sound-sensitive aliens away.

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Honestly, though, it’s hard to blame the film’s marketing team: Nobody could have predicted having to cut another trailer for this thing after the movie already got its New York premiere back in March of 2020. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the gambit will work; as the first really big, blockbuster test of movie-goers’ re-growing confidence, there’s no promise that there’s a happy ending waiting for this particular plucky underdog when it (re-) debuts on May 28.

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