Ferrari Wrecks Out On Tail Of The Dragon

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Apparently, someone thinks it’s the Nurburgring…

The Tail of the Dragon is a famous stretch of road people flock from all over to drive. With plenty of twists, turns, and elevation changes, it can provide a bit of a thrilling challenge. However, some people get a little overly excited and start thinking they’re driving on a race track, not a public road, then they end up like the driver of this Ferrari (we believe it’s a 488 Pista, but it’s a wee bit smashed up and upside down). This incident went down on October 20.

Check out a truck and trailer which caught fire in the area recently here.

According to Facebook page Idiots on the Dragon, the Ferrari was traveling southbound on Gravity Cavity MM3 when everything took a turn for the worse (pun totally intended there). The Italian stallion apparently “jump(ed) the hump” then hit “the wall” before ending up in the northbound lane. We’re guessing it got airborne for a little while and that’s how the Ferrari ended up on its roof.

Thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic. Had this happened on a weekend, the result could have been catastrophic, a multi-car accident with serious injuries or worse. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and the Ferrari driver walked away from this one, hopefully having learned a lesson. At the very least, his insurance isn’t going to be too happy.

Too many people treat roads like this flippantly, like they’re driving on a track. Even if the Tail of the Dragon were a toll road with one-way traffic like on the Nurburgring, you could still wreck out gloriously if you don’t respect the sudden turns and changes in elevation. If you’re not experienced driving in canyons, it’s a stretch of road you should drive with plenty of caution instead of treating it like it’s some sort of ride at Disney World.

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