Female-Founded Company, NOODIE, Grabs the Instant Ramen Market by the Bowls

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NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NOODIE, the good-for-you food brand, today announced the launch of Irresistible Ramen, a new line of plant-based instant noodles targeting busy consumers who demand both quality and convenience.

Grab Life By the Bowls
Grab Life By the Bowls

The founder of NOODIE, Isabel Khoo, developed the idea while in the one place everyone associates with instant ramen: college. In between early-morning classes and late-night study sessions, noodles in polystyrene cups were a convenient comfort-food staple in her diet … until she read up on the ingredients: harmful additives, artificial flavors and powders, processed carbohydrates, and who-knows-what. With no alternative on the market, she realized she'd have to create a healthy version herself.

What followed were multiple expeditions through Asia, developing a product using the latest technology across Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Bringing new meaning to shelf-stable foods, NOODIE delivers this technology, in the form of its Irresistible Ramen, the culmination of infinite gastronomic refinements. "The conversation around instant ramen has always been that it is low quality and cheap, however, by sourcing the best ingredients and using the latest technology, we can change the narrative around this beloved category. Healthy and delicious don't have to be diametrically opposed – they actually make excellent bedfellows," said Khoo.

Each serving of NOODIE contains a generous helping of bok choy, broccoli, and kale, atop a bowl of deliciously chewy noodles infused with the superfood spirulina. A single pack offers up to 16g of protein and contains no powder and nothing fried. With fewer calories and up to 75% less sodium than other products in the market, NOODIE is the perfect midnight meal of choice you don't regret the morning after. Challenging the classic "cup noodle" with its innovative rectangular box design, NOODIE can be eaten straight out of its packaging and is ready in four minutes. Available in three flavors—peanut chili, vegan tonkotsu, and smoky garlic—it is versatile enough to become a weekly staple, a last-minute indulgence, or anything in between. "It's made for everyone who's non-committal in the kitchen. It's basically food with benefits," said Khoo.

Noodie is an Asian female-founded company based in New York with a mission to make healthy eating delicious and convenient for everyone. Sample kits and 6-packs to satisfy your urges are available for order at getnoodie.com.

For more information, please contact press@getnoodie.com.


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