Federer reflects on swansong at Laver Cup

STORY: Roger Federer's trophy-laden career ended with defeat on Friday, but for once the result hardly mattered as the Swiss maestro headed into retirement with tears in his eyes and cheers ringing in his ears.

At a press conference on Sunday (September 25) he said: "I feel super ready to do different things in my life and take time away and speak to my family and see where we want to go from here, and I had a wonderful time on tour. Made so many friends, as well, you know, along the way, and also being on court on Friday and having such a huge moment in my career, you know, being surrounded by my biggest rivals like Novak and Andy and Rafa, I mean, was truly unique, and I can never thank them enough for being there and staying there and going through it with me, and I hope that their farewell will also be unique and special, that it works for them, because it was beautiful for me, and now, moving forward, yeah, it's going to be different but good different. I got a taste of it the last few years, so I'll be fine.”