‘You’re fed, now get out!’ Gator and duck meet for lunch on a Florida lake, and well ...

Madeleine Marr
·1 min read

Talk about your photo bombs.

Two Central Florida hunters were doing their thing, trying to shoot down ducks for sport on a lake in Leesburg last week, and got, um, interrupted.

“It’s not just fishing, Florida duck hunting has a taxman, too!” joked one of the hunters, Cass Couey, on Facebook Nov. 25, the day of the trip.

The Florida man’s caption was accompanied by a video of a large alligator partaking in a snack just a few feet away.

The video shows the massive creature gulp an unfortunate duck whole, chomping down as its tail seemingly wags.

Couey told First Coast News he and his companion Kevin Stipe were aware they had company.

“Most Floridians know their eyes reflect light so we knew gators were there in large quantities,” said Couey, who owns the Pro Hunt navigation app with Stipe.

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After the reptile finishes its meal, one man off camera says, “All right, you’re fed. Now get out of here.”

Other ducks calmly float nearby undisturbed. For the time being.

Couey told the Miami Herald there were actually two alligators at that spot, which he will not name as duck hunters like to keep that stuff “secret.”

Both reptiles arrived hungry and seemed to be aware of the buffet offerings.

The outdoorsman posted another video on Instagram on Sunday of the first visitor the business partners saw, a smaller version of the 13-foot-long, “monster,” who was “lurking” nearby.

You can hear its massive tail flapping on the water as it chews.