Farmers Feeding the Flock field harvested

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Sep. 20—GREENSBURG — Hulsbosch Dairy in southern Decatur County provided this year's Farmers Feeding the Flock field.

The 30-acre corn silage field was recently harvested.

"It was fascinating to witness this year's harvest as a chopper went through the field chopping 10 rows at a time while a tractor and silage wagon drove alongside catching the silage," Merrill Smith, FFF Coordinator, said. "The speed and volume that the chopper could harvest was simply amazing. It could fill a large silage wagon in about 2 1/2 minutes!"

The Hulsbosch Dairy runs two choppers working in separate fields to get all 3,600 acres of corn silage harvested. They use 10 silage wagons and two semi-trailers to haul the silage from the field to the storage area. Each load is weighed before it is unloaded. The final weight of the 30 acres of the FFF corn silage field is yet to be computed.

The Farmers Feeding the Flock fundraiser is in its fourth year as proceeds support the Bread of Life soup kitchen.

Melissa Foist, Executive Director of the Bread of Life, is most appreciative of Hulsbosch Dairy, the agriculture industry in Decatur County and all the businesses, organizations, and individuals that have financially supported this most successful fundraiser. The first three years alone have raised over $100,000 for the Bread of Life.

This year's report of the crop harvest and total dollars of sponsorship will be announced at an evening celebration dinner on November 12 at Hulsbosch Dairy.

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