Fans are upset that Disney World is updating its iconic gates

Walt Disney World announced on Oct. 26 that the iconic entrance gates to the Florida theme park . will be updated to complement the recent makeover given to Cinderella Castle. The gateway is known for having multicolored flags and giant cutouts of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. with a blue banner below reading, “Where Dreams Come True”. Disney offered a computer rendering of what the update will look like, which involves a revamp of the color scheme to blue, gold and gray. The classic cutouts of Mickey and Minnie will remain on either side of the entrance (although they switch sides) with rainbow-colored flags on top. The banner’s message will be replaced with, “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. Disney fans — who have a lot of strong opinions — expressed concern on Twitter. “Boring and lacks magic,” one person replied. “Horrible! Why change a good thing?” another added