Fancy Sprinkles® Cancels Traditional Candy Wafers with the launch of EASY CANDY™!

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LOS ANGELES, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FANCY SPRINKLES is leading the growth of the Edible Arts category through innovation that makes the category more accessible and a lot more inspiring.

First up on the list of make-baking-sh!t-easier list? Reinvent meltable candy wafers and simplify the process. Easy Candy™ comes in a microwavable piping bag that eliminates any guesswork or need for additional applicators, dishes and tools. Developed with the creator in mind, this smart design means more time decorating and less time cleaning.

Easy Candy is best described as meltable candy wafers without the stress or the mess. These vibrantly colored vanilla-flavored confectionery chips come in a ready to use 12oz microwavable piping bag. After just 60 seconds in the microwave, Easy Candy is ready to dip, drizzle or pour. Cakesicles, cake pops, dipped strawberries or covered oreos have never been so effortless.

"All bakers know, the cleanup is the worst part when working with meltable candy wafers. You have to use so many different tools. It's a cleanup nightmare," says Lisa Stelly, Fancy Sprinkles Founder + Chief Creative Officer who is also a full-time working Mom with three young daughters. "I thought, how can I spend less time doing dishes and cleaning messes and more time doing the fun part, decorating?"

So how is Fancy Sprinkles® Easy Candy™ changing the game?

  • Small chips enable faster, more even melting

  • Microwaveable (and reheatable) ready to use piping bag

  • Easy clean-up, eliminating the need for tools, dirty dishes, and scrubbing hardened candy off of dishes

  • Designed to eliminate the guesswork and potential for seized candy

Easy Candy™ is currently available in seven colors with additional colors launching in Fall 2021:

  • Optic White

  • Big Apple Red

  • Orchid Purple

  • Tropical Pink

  • Calamine Pink

  • Parisian Blue

  • Slime Green

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Fancy Sprinkles Easy Candy. Meltable candy wafers without the mess or the stress.
Fancy Sprinkles Easy Candy. Meltable candy wafers without the mess or the stress.
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Fancy Sprinkles Logo

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