Family member 'snaps' at sister-in-law over her 'privilege': 'I can't believe you're shocked'

A woman called out her sister-in-law for being “privileged” — and now, there’s family drama.

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her husband’s brother Andrew is married to Ashley. Andrew and Ashley have a full-time housekeeper, Nora. When Nora was away for the week, Ashley complained about how difficult managing things was. This prompted the Reddit poster to snap at Ashley.

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The Reddit poster stayed with Ashley and Andrew for a family member’s wedding and her mother-in-law’s birthday. Ashley and Andrew hosted both events and provided the lodgings for the family. Nora also helped with wedding duties, but the Reddit poster felt Ashley gave Nora all the hard work.

“Nora was off for the week after the wedding, but Ashley complained over and over how hard it was to be without her,” the Reddit poster wrote.

“She was complaining once again about how she didn’t have time to host MIL’s birthday like she planned and it would have to be moved to a restaurant and things were just too hectic without Nora.”

The Reddit poster “finally snapped” at Ashley, saying that people manage fine with a full-time housekeeper and nanny.

“Ashley snaps that I obviously didn’t understand and I snapped that I obviously didn’t, because didn’t she realize how privileged she was and she called me self-centered and stomped out of the room,” the Reddit poster wrote.

Now, Ashley and Andrew have gone radio-silent, implying the Reddit poster would never be invited back again.

Redditors felt Ashley had every right to be exhausted after hosting two major events.

“Nora got paid for the work she did, your SIL only had her home invaded by guests,” someone added.

“I can’t believe you’re shocked that they’re no longer engaging with you and being generous towards you after you insulted her. Seriously, I think it’s you that needs the reality check,” another commented.

“I would absolutely NOT invite you to be a guest at my home ever again,” a user wrote.

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