Exponent Health Welcomes Industry Expert, Suresh Kumar, as New Chief Transformation Officer - Helping Lead the Future of the Company with National Healthcare Cost Reduction, Using the Power of Expio™

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GAITHERSBURG, Md., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical claims and pharmacy-cost technology specialist Exponent Health officially welcomed D.S. Suresh Kumar as the new Chief Transformation Officer to lead the Expio™ platform journey. Expio™ is an AI-powered platform designed to intelligently reduce pharmacy and medical healthcare costs. By creating and offering innovative and client-specific solutions, Exponent Health focuses primarily on Medical Claim Cost Management and Pharmacy Cost Management – now enhanced with integrated AI technology.

D.S. Suresh Kumar joins Exponent Health as Chief Transformation Officer
D.S. Suresh Kumar joins Exponent Health as Chief Transformation Officer

Bringing Suresh on board is another important milestone in the current guiding vision for Exponent Health's future, as outlined by CEO Karin Humphrey, along with the company's rebranding, certain strategic acquisitions, and the recent launch of Expio™ itself.

"Suresh is the perfect leader to help Exponent Health continue its ongoing evolution from a health services provider into an information-driven intelligence company – one that is currently building the next generation of cost management products," said Karin Humphrey. "Suresh is passionate about reducing cost of care, while improving quality of care using tech innovations. He is a critical bridge between the business and technology teams to achieve this result."

Suresh Kumar has been a healthcare technology leader for over 20 years with a proven track record across payers and providers in building and growing products and services to reduce the cost of care and increase patient engagement. Before joining Exponent Health, he was the General Manager for Transunion Healthcare AR Recovery and Reimbursements business, and he also led a team responsible for the growth and innovation of RCM products, helping 400 healthcare systems recover over $330 million in total revenues.

While he was at Deloitte/Pwc (formerly Booz & Co), Suresh helped many healthcare organizations grow their business with operational improvements and technology driven solutions. Suresh later founded a care coordination and patient engagement solution that helped manage over two million members' care – a solution that was acquired by an industry leader.

"Delivering on our brand promise, Exponent Health ultimately needs a well-defined and clearly orchestrated transformation strategy," said Suresh Kumar. "Precise and focused execution of that strategy will enhance the value we provide to our customers – using optimized AI technology to deliver improvements like innovative operational solutions, developing new digital products to deliver the best savings, and unleashing the power of our data resources. The Expio™ platform is perfectly suited to do exactly this. It uniquely solves some very important cost management issues, while providing cost management decision support across pharmacy and medical claims – all in one platform. We've really just begun to scratch the surface of what it can do for our clients — and I'm excited about the future directions and impact we can make for our clients."

"Ultimately, I look forward to helping Exponent Health optimize, innovate, and acquire the resources it needs to advance this industry with cutting-edge new approaches," Suresh continued. "This involves continuing to build on the culture of innovation that Exponent Health already fosters. And I'm excited to help them evolve that culture to serve both the organizations and businesses we help while also fostering creative thinking and exploring new directions right here in our own tech labs."

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