The Expanse finale included Star Wars, Dune and more sci-fi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video
Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

The Expanse series finale spoilers follow.

Amid the drama and thrills of The Expanse's series finale, fans may have missed a neat series of Easter eggs to some big sci-fi franchises in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

In the recent conclusion to season 6 of the sci-fi show, the Rocinante crew and the rest of the coalition forces prepare to storm the Ring Station and wrest control of its rail guns.

However, in a brief moment, we hear the forces prepare to begin the assault over the intercom, including two declaring "Thrace ready" and "Ripley ready".

Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video
Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

If those names sound familiar, we then get confirmation that they are indeed references to Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica and Ellen Ripley from Alien when the camera pans to Naomi Nagata's (Dominique Tipper) screen, which shows a host of fighter names.

Also in among them are "Ackbar, G", in reference to Star Wars' Admiral Gial Ackbar, and "Idaho, D" – aka Dune's Duncan Idaho.

If that wasn't enough, fans have helpfully pointed out that there are nods to Blade Runner's Rick Deckard, Star Trek's William T Riker, Interstellar's Joseph Cooper and Terminator's Sarah Connor, to name just a few.

Check them all out below:

Despite setbacks, the guns are eventually disabled, and the Rocinante crew eventually manage to defeat Marco Inaros's (Keon Alexander) forces by overloading the Ring Gate with energy as they try to enter the Ring Space.

While the series has officially ended, show boss Naren Shankar has addressed the possibility The Expanse could return in the future – especially given some elements were left open-ended in the finale.

"This has been such a delightful experience. We love the show and we love making the show," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Right now, the future really lies with Alcon Television, which is the studio that makes the show, and Amazon, if there is in some form, an appetite for more.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video
Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

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"I think from the standpoint of just the pure creative, I think what we tried to do at least was come to a satisfying conclusion of a huge chunk of the story while leaving the door open for more if the appetite and the desire is there."

Given the original source books continue on for three more outings, Shankar added: "I'm certainly not betraying any confidence to say that [producers] Ty [Franck], Daniel [Abraham] and I – speaking for ourselves – would love to do it. It would be a remarkable thing to complete the whole book series that way. And I certainly hope we get to do it."

The Expanse seasons 1-6 are now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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