Exclusive: the future of Dfinity with founder Dominic Williams

Dominic Williams, founder of Dfinity has told Coin Rivet how he’s looking to redefine the blockchain space by creating a “truly independent” Web3 service run on a “custom-built blockchain that runs at web speed”.

Dfinity made headlines recently with the announcement of direct integration with Bitcoin (BTC) which will make it the first company to enable smart contracts on the BTC blockchain.

The roadmap doesn’t stop there for Dfinity – the company behind independent Web3 blockchain Internet Computer.

Williams discussed the network governance system, the service nervous system (SNS), the next step from the current network nervous system (NNS).

The SNS will allow the dApps built on the ICP to have their own autonomous governance tokens. Every single dApp will be able to have it’s own SNS independent of every other SNS on ICP. This change will be ‘revolutionary’ said Williams.

The SNS introduction will enable the creation of its wildcard – the “worldwide people party”. The concept behind it, says Williams “is converting users into advocates…owners of [the] service”.

Dfinity will boost governance voting power by offering random token drops for proof of one-to-one correspondence between an individual and their neuron (governance tokens on ICP). This will give neuron holders privileges with dApps.

The creation of independent dApps is integral to a true Web3 system and goes beyond just the trading of cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

“This will democratise access to the tech economy,” said Williams.

“We want to provide the opportunity to those who wouldn’t have access, to create something really valuable.”