Evonence Announces Premier Status in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Evonence today announced that it has advanced to Google Cloud Premier Partner status. As a pure play Google Cloud partner company, Evonence manages hundreds of Mid size and corporate clients on Google Cloud across North America and offers the following cloud-based services.

1. Business Transformation with Google Workspace: Help customers move off from legacy and on premise email platform to Google Workspace, where they can leverage the benefits of real time collaboration, which can improve productivity and reducing costs.

2. Infrastructure Migration and Modernization: End-2-End delivery of Infrastructure design, build, provisioning and maintenance. Includes Cloud adoption, Infrastructure Modernization, Infrastructure-as-a-Service & Platform-as-a-Service management.

3. DevOps Services : With this practice we operated in continuous delivery for application, security and governance. Process integration, Optimization, Automation with a standard and centralized platform towards cloud best practices.

4. Data Analytics and Modernization: Data engineering services help in advancing to the next level of data usage, data management, and data automation.

"This is a great milestone for our company and its reflection of commitment and continuous investment in Google Cloud services capabilities to offer our clients best-in-class solutions." - Co-Founder/ Vijay Shah

About Evonence llc - We are a Columbus, OH- USA based Google Cloud partner company providing Google Cloud solutions since 2014. We have successfully executed more than 1000+ Google Cloud projects across various industry verticals like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing and other business services. Evonence continues to focus on Google Cloud and expand its footprint in the Google Cloud and application development space.

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Contact us: https://www.evonence.com/contact-us
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