Eva Mendes Clarifies: ‘I never quit acting’

Eva Mendes would like to clear up any confusion about her movie career.

"I never quit acting," the "Hitch" star wrote on Instagram on Oct. 7. "I wanted to be home with my babies and fortunately my other business ventures allowed me to do that more than acting would."

Mendes, 48, who hasn't appeared in a movie in more than seven years, has two children, Esmeralda, 8, and Amada, 6, with her partner, actor Ryan Gosling.

She included her comments alongside a carousel of graphics of online stories with recent headlines about her quitting acting.

The stories partly stem from an interview she gave to Variety that was published on Sept. 7 in which she said she doesn't "really miss" acting and that she "got tired fighting for the good roles."

Mendes expanded on those comments in her Instagram post.

"Also, I was not excited about the stereotypical roles being offered to me at the time," she wrote. "Especially after working on the film LOST RIVER - that was a dream project. That’s a tough act to follow."

Her role in "Lost River," a Gosling-directed movie released in theaters in 2015, is the last time she has appeared in a film after previously starring in hits like "Hitch," "Training Day" and a pair of "Fast & Furious" sequels.

HITCH (2005) WILL SMITH, EVA MENDES HCH 001-11 (Alamy Stock Photo)
HITCH (2005) WILL SMITH, EVA MENDES HCH 001-11 (Alamy Stock Photo)

Mendes left the door open for a return in an interview with Hoda Kotb on TODAY in May.

“I think that’d be fun at some point,” Mendes told Hoda. “But I think my list has gotten so short. I don’t want to do anything violent, I don’t want to do anything sexual. I’m like, ‘What’s left?’”

She just wants to make it clear that she didn't walk away.

"What's the point of this post?" she wrote on Instagram. "To shift that narrative. I never quit."

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