ESPN will air the Michael Jordan documentary with all the f-bombs included

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If you ever wanted to hear f-bombs on a Disney show, now is your chance. When ESPN airs “The Last Dance,” a documentary about Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls, it will leave all the curse words in, according to Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated.

“That’s [expletive] great,” you might think, “But I have kids at home who want to watch the documentary.” Well, you’re covered too. If you want to watch a version of “The Last Dance” with the curse words bleeped, you can do that on ESPN2. Everybody wins.

The documentary — which will begin April 19 — will focus on Jordan’s final year in Chicago. The Bulls went on to win their sixth championship with Jordan that season. ESPN was originally going to air “The Last Dance” at a later date, but the network moved it up realizing fans needed their sports fix with the NBA — and every other live sport — on hiatus due to coronavirus.

While allowing “The Last Dance” to air with swear words is probably a one-time thing, we would like to think this opens the door for a gritty reboot of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” where Goofy really tells us how he feels about Donald Duck.

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