Entrepreneur Philip "Italian" Schulte Looks to Build Talent Agency

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2020 / Philip Schulte, also known by his nickname "Italian", has been in talks with a major talent agency located in Los Angeles, California to take over the management sector that primarily focuses on signing well-regarded artists and models in their respective industries.

Schulte, best known as a published author and entrepreneur currently spends his time working in the media industry outside of writing, but management has been a topic heavily on his mind in the past year. Although he had originally planned to create a management sector to add to his existing company, the opportunity to add an existing name to his company presented itself. Schulte stated:

"I have wanted to become involved in the management side of things for a while now, as the majority of my time goes towards building relationships and helping people excel in their careers from a media standpoint. When you add management to the media side of things, you become a one-stop shop for your clients."

Philip currently works with many top-tier models, artists, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and popular brands, and has built and strengthened a number of relationships over his time in the media industry. He mentioned that watching his clients succeed is one of the most rewarding aspects of his work.

"To watch my clients gain exposure, credibility, and recognition is something I truly enjoy more than anything. They work very hard and trust us with their careers, so we make sure we work even harder to tell their stories and showcase their talents on a global level."

Schulte's newest book, The Eight H's; a Young Person's Guide for the "Real World" was featured in Forbes in mid-July. Schulte mentioned that the purpose of the book is to help guide young adults through some of the most important decisions they will face in their lives. With that said, it's no surprise that Schulte would want to become involved with an industry that constantly strives to connect people with opportunities for success, something he is already doing in many ways.

Although Schulte is currently unable to elaborate more on the specifics, things seem to be going well for him considering the circumstances of this year so far. His newest book is set to release in the next few months, and his media business has been finding great success. We definitely recommend keeping a watch out for Philip Schulte in the next year and beyond, as he has some major plans in store.

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