'Enough is enough': Ex-minister's parting blow to Johnson

STORY: Javid stepped down on Tuesday (July 5) evening in what became the first of a flurry of resignations of ministers who said they had lost confidence in Johnson and that he was not fit to govern.

Considered a possible contender to replace Johnson should he quit or be forced out, Javid listed a series of scandals that had embroiled the prime minister and his office in recent months, including the breaking of coronavirus lockdown rules, over which he had given Johnson the benefit of the doubt.

Just minutes earlier, an ebullient Johnson had vowed to fight on, telling his glum-faced lawmakers that he remained a vote winner.

Javid said it had not been fair to send government ministers out to defend Johnson in the media in recent months over various scandals.

Eleven British lawmakers have left Johnson's government in less than 24 hours, including Javid and finance minister Rishi Sunak, saying the British leader no longer had their confidence.

The resignations follow accusations that Johnson misled the public over what he knew about sexual harassment allegations against a Conservative lawmaker.