England vs New Zealand LIVE: Cricket score and updates from third Test as England motor in chase of 296

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England and New Zealand set up yet another grandstand finish to a Test match after a see-saw day three left New Zealand 137 runs in front with five wickets in hand overnight.

The series has been compelling throughout as momentum has swung wildly between two attacking teams, and this Headingley Test has followed the pattern of the games at Lord’s and Trent Bridge with the two sides taking it in turns to take charge. New Zealand seemed in control on Saturday as Kane Williamson neared a measured half-century, before Matthew Potts, Joe Root and Jack Leach picked up a wicket each in the evening session to put the hosts in control.

If England can chase down New Zealand’s total in the fourth innings, they will complete a 3-0 series whitewash, capping the perfect start for the new regime of captain Ben Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum.

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England vs New Zealand - Third Test, day four at Headingley

  • Latest score: New Zealand 329 & 326; England 360 and 183-2 - 113 more to win

  • England need 296 to win

  • STUMPS! England close on 183-2, needing 113 more to win

  • 100 STAND! Century partnership between Pope and Root. England 163-2

  • 50 UP! Pope reaches half-century. England 118-2

  • WICKET! Crawley holes out to cover. England 51-2

  • WICKET! Lees run out early on. England 17-1

  • New Zealand all out for 326

  • New Zealand resume third innings on 168-5

  • Ben Foakes out after testing positive for Covid-19

  • Foakes replaced in England line-up by Sam Billings

STUMPS! England 183-2 (Pope 81*, Root 55*) Target 296 - 113 more to win

18:53 , Luke Baker

Another fascinating day of Test cricket. New Zealand dominated the first session, the second was probably split as England dismissed the Black Caps but they got a few more runs but the third and final session was all England. It’s put them in complete control of this game.

113 runs to win tomorrow, eight wickets in hand and both Ollie Pope and Joe Root well set. The series sweep is within touching distance.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

50 UP! England 183-2 (Pope 81*, Root 55*) Target 296

18:51 , Luke Baker

The run rate has been above 4.5 in this evening session - England have been rattling along.

Bracewell tosses the first couple up before coming short and Root can turn it through the leg slip area where it runs away for FOUR! That’s 50 UP for Root. Another top innings from him.

Root not done there as Bracewell comes short again and Root pulls him away for FOUR more! Bracewell wastes a bit of time and comes round the wicket to ensure this is the last over. Root sweep for one and off the final ball, Pope flicks another single

Ten off the final over and a brilliant session for England.

England 173-2 (Pope 80*, Root 46*) Target 296

18:43 , Luke Baker

Probably two more overs left today, with play due to finish at 6.49pm.

Wagner comes round the wicket as the ball gets a bit older (37 overs old now). He strays too close to leg and Pope picks up a single but then does beat Root’s outside edge.

The former skipper responds with a flick through midwicket for one. Last over of the day coming up

England 171-2 (Pope 79*, Root 45*) Target 296

18:42 , Luke Baker

Bracewell comes round the wicket with a leg slip and short leg. New Zealand have to do something to mix it up as this game is getting away from them.

Singles off the first two balls before Root tries a reverse sweep from outside leg, it beats the bat, goes past keeper Blundell, slip Mitchell and runs away for FOUR byes. Root really does have his heart set on the reverse sweep as he pulls out another for a single. Pope then flicks a single from the final ball for 8 from the over.

100 UP! England 163-2 (Pope 77*, Root 43*) Target 296

18:38 , Luke Baker

Livin’ on a Prayer played and sung by the western terrace as England are indeed now ‘halfway there’. They need 147 more to win from here. The Pulp Fiction-esque briefcase of balls is back out as New Zealand request another ball change. Wagner continues with the ‘new’ ball.

Pope clubs the ball through backward square leg for FOUR and that’s the century stand between these two. 100 UP! Great stuff.

Pope tries to drive the next ball but an outside edge again sends it flying through a gap to the fence for FOUR more! Now three on the spin as Pope punches one down the ground with the full face of the bat for FOUR! The best of the lot. Two more from the final ball flicked to leg and that’s 14 from the over - England flying.

England 149-2 (Pope 63*, Root 43*) Target 296

18:31 , Luke Baker

Bracewell continues. He’s gone for 49 runs off 8 overs, though he has induced a couple of edges and got Zak Crawley out.

Pope calmly steers the ball for a single before Root reverse sweeps hard and it goes straight through Daryl Mitchell at slip before racing away to the boundary for FOUR! Not much Mitchell could do about it in truth.

Single into the off side for Root before Pope ‘does a Root’ and reverse sweeps. To the fielder in the deep and a comfortable single for seven from the over.

VIDEO: Ollie Pope reaches his half-century

18:27 , Luke Baker

Here’s how Ollie Pope brought up his 50. It’s been a good innings from England’s No 3 and he’s still going strong.

England 142-2 (Pope 61*, Root 38*) Target 296

18:26 , Luke Baker

Southee ties Pope up for the first half of the over but he then squeezes one through the point region that races away but brilliant fielding by Devon Conway prevents the boundary, so just three runs.

Root plays out the final two balls, so it’s just those three runs.

England 139-2 (Pope 58*, Root 38*) Target 296

18:22 , Luke Baker

Bracewell back into the attack. If New Zealand are going to win this game, they need their spinner to deliver. He struggled with length earlier in this session, so let’s see if he can find his range now.

Decent first ball, pitched up and Root backs up before jabbing it to the leg side for one. He comes slightly short and Pope plays a cut to the covers for a single. Then two more for Root as he reverse sweeps to the off side.

England 135-2 (Pope 57*, Root 35*) Target 296

18:18 , Luke Baker

The run rate hovering around 4.33 - that will do England very nicely as they approach the halfway point of their target.

Southee gets flicked off the pads for one by Root but gets Pope to play and miss trying to drive outside off stump. Just that one run from the over

England 134-2 (Pope 57*, Root 34*) Target 296

18:14 , Luke Baker

England are looking pretty serene here. The seamers aren’t finding anything and Bracewell was struggling to pick his length. There definitely should be a spinner bowling at this point though really. I wonder if Kane Williamson regrets not picking his frontline spinner Ajaz Patel for this game...?

Boult manfully continues to steam in and Pope swats him for two through backward point before pushing a single into the covers. Root then pulls a final-ball single into the leg side.

England 130-2 (Pope 54*, Root 33*) Target 296

18:11 , Luke Baker

Glorious pull shot from Root as Southee comes too short but not short enough for a proper bouncer and it’s crunched away for FOUR!

A flick through square leg for a single before Pope late cuts behind square on the off side. Looks like it might go for four but Devon Conway gets a hand to slow it up, so it’s just two.

Final delivery and there’s an APPEAL from Southee as it hits Pope on the pad. Not out on the field and looks like it’s going down leg. New Zealand have burned two reviews already and although this one looks closer, they sensibly opt not to go to DRS.

England 122-2 (Pope 52*, Root 28*) Target 296

18:05 , Luke Baker

Pope nudges a single behind square before Root pulls one away. Wagner initially doesn’t pick it up in the light but then scrambles round and prevents the boundary. Two more.

Root then paddles another single to fine leg - four from the over.

50 UP! England 118-2 (Pope 51*, Root 25*) Target 296

18:01 , Luke Baker

Tim Southee back into the attack to join Boult. Root gets the first ball off his toes for a single through midwicket, leaving Pope plenty of deliveries to reach his half-century.

He can’t get the first couple away and then he gets an inside EDGE that flies past the stumps and races away to the boundary for FOUR! That’s 50 UP for Pope - he won’t care how it came!

A nice drive off the next ball gets him a single and Root finishes the over with a leave outside off stump.

England 112-2 (Pope 46*, Root 24*) Target 296

17:58 , Luke Baker

A relatively uneventful over from Boult and Root gets just one with a thick edge behind his pad. We’ve got about 50 minutes of play left today.

Running repairs on the pitch

17:56 , Luke Baker

“A member of the groundstaff gives the bowlers’ foot holes a pounding with a big stick” reads the caption on this photo. Pretty accurate I’d say, to be honest. The crowd loved it anyway - as well you might at 5.45pm after a well-lubricated day in the sun watching Test cricket.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

England 111-2 (Pope 46*, Root 23*) Target 296

17:52 , Luke Baker

Before the start of the next Wagner over, a couple of groundstaff come on to do some work on the footmarks around the popping crease. It’s getting a bit slippy, especially with Boult coming round the wicket. Sterling work by one of the ground crew, absolutely hammering away at the surface with a large metal implement to even out the ground - cheers from the crowd as he really gives it some!

When play resumes, Pope flashes a drive through backward point for FOUR! A bit streaky as it flies just beyond a fielder in the air but it moves him within four runs of a half-century. He tries four more drives in the over, each straight to a fielder. Good field placement, I guess.

England 107-2 (Pope 42*, Root 23*) Target 296

17:48 , Luke Baker

Trent Boult back into the attack. Michael Bracewell was starting to become ineffective, so it’s double seam for New Zealand.

A bit of extra pace but Pope is able to get him away for two through the covers before a hook goes in the air but drops short of the man in the deep, who then does well to prevent the boundary. Just a single after all that.

England 104-2 (Pope 39*, Root 23*) Target 296

17:43 , Luke Baker

Pope and Root passed the 50 partnership mark in that previous over by the way.

Wagner continues and again, his first five balls restrict Root to no runs thanks to a patient line. This time the final delivery isn’t reverse ramped for six but stopped by the infield. Wagner hits the deck on his follow through but he’s back up and no harm done.

VIDEO: Zak Crawley holes out to Williamson

17:41 , Luke Baker

Great captaincy by Kane Williamson as he entices Zak Crawley into his trap and then takes the catch himself to as England lose a second wicket

England 104-2 (Pope 39*, Root 23*) Target 296

17:39 , Luke Baker

Pope and Root rotates the strike with a single apiece off Bracewell before Pope slaps a ball through backward point for two. It all keeps the scoreboard ticking. A pretty harmless over

VIDEO: Lees run out in disastrous fashion

17:37 , Luke Baker

Here was how England lost their first wicket of the day, when Alex Lees was run out after some miscommunication...

SIX! England 100-2 (Pope 36*, Root 22*) Target 296

17:36 , Luke Baker

We’re told that the final session has been extended until 6.49pm, to make up for lost time yesterday. So another hour and a quarter of cricket left. England could make a real dent in the target in that time, or the opposite of course...

Wagner oversteps for a no-ball - that’s his second of the innings - but the rest of the over is very tidy as he patiently persists with that line outside off stump.

Until the final ball that is when Root gets down on one knee and remarkably reverse sweeps/ramps over third man for SIX! Absolutely extraordinary - what a player! 100 UP for England as well.

England 93-2 (Pope 36*, Root 16*) Target 296

17:30 , Luke Baker

First ball of the Bracewell over and Pope gives himself room to punch it through the covers for FOUR!

The rest of the over is well bowled and scoreless.

England 89-2 (Pope 32*, Root 16*) Target 296

17:28 , Luke Baker

Wagner opting to hide the ball outside off and Pope can’t get any of the first three away. A leading edge from the fourth ball falls safely for a single. Root then sees out the final two deliveries.

England 88-2 (Pope 31*, Root 16*) Target 296

17:24 , Luke Baker

Pope scuffs a reverse sweep but they run one and then Root shows him how it’s done! Gorgeous reverse sweep and it races away to the boundary for FOUR!

Another attempted reverse sweep bounces up and hits Root outside the line. A great final ball from Bracewell rears up and hits the outside EDGE! Daryl Mitchell way too wide at slip with the ball turning into the batter so it flies between Mitchell and keeper, running away to the third man boundary for FOUR!

England 79-2 (Pope 30*, Root 8*) Target 296

17:21 , Luke Baker

Back underway and a nice drive from Root but it’s stopped by the fielder so no run. Final ball of the over is a no-ball, so we go again and Root gloriously clips the ball off his toes through the leg side for FOUR! Lovely shot.

DRINKS! England 74-2 (Pope 30*, Root 4*) Target 296

17:15 , Luke Baker

Neil Wagner comes on as Tim Southee finally gets a breather. No runs off the first couple of deliveries and then New Zealand finally get their wish as the ball will be changed!

It’s slightly misshapen and will no longer fit through the umpire’s card holes thing. While they pick a new ball, they’ll take drinks as well.

England 74-2 (Pope 30*, Root 3*) Target 296

17:13 , Luke Baker

A great start to the over from Pope as he crunches Bracewell through point for FOUR! And then it’s two boundaries in three balls although this one is a bit luckier. An EDGE goes through the slips, as Pope tries to cut the ball - it just evades Daryl Mitchell’s hand and races away for FOUR!

A couple of singles and then off the final ball, Pope beautifully lifts the ball through the long-off region as he fetches it from a wide position. Exquisite cricket. 14 off the over.

England 60-2 (Pope 17*, Root 3*) Target 296

17:09 , Luke Baker

Just a single from Pope off the latest Southee over. He’s been pretty tight at one end.

England 59-2 (Pope 16*, Root 3*) Target 296

17:02 , Luke Baker

Pope gets the opening ball of Bracewell’s over beyond the infield for a single before Root sweeps for two.

Ouch! Root then sweeps the next ball into the leg/knee of short leg but he doesn’t even flinch. Tough guys, those New Zealanders.

REVIEW! England 56-2 (Pope 15*, Root 1*) Target 296

16:59 , Luke Baker

Southee into the seventh over of this opening spell. Root defends watchfully for the first few balls and then a big APPEAL for lbw by Southee.

It looked like Root got outside the line but New Zealand opt to REVIEW. Feels optimistic. And yep, DRS agrees, it struck him way outside the line so that’s a review lost.

The very next ball, another lbw APPEAL by Southee. Looks very similar to be honest, maybe a touch closer but still striking outside the line and again, DRS agrees. A second review wasted!

Final delivery defended well and the crowd sarcastically appeal as it hits the middle of its bat. Great stuff! And a good over for England as the Black Caps burn two of their three reviews.

England 56-2 (Pope 15*, Root 1*) Target 296

16:53 , Luke Baker

Joe Root in at No 4 and he takes an early single with a nudge to leg. Pope follows that up with a lovely drive for FOUR through the covers.

The difference to the Crawley dismissal is that ball was full enough to drive and Pope duly did.

Five off the over but Crawley dismissed.

OUT! Crawley c Williamson b Bracewell 25. England 51-2

16:51 , Luke Baker

Oh no! Zak Crawley is OUT! It’s the drive that does for him but not against the spinners this time, it’s against the spinner Bracewell.

The ball isn’t there to drive and he loops it up, where Kane Williamson can dive forward from cover, where he just placed himself, to make the catch. Crawley fell right into the trap as the ball was tossed up. England 51-2.

England 51-1 (Crawley 25*, Pope 11*) Target 296

16:48 , Luke Baker

Lovely shot by Pope as he leans on the ball and pounds it through the covers for FOUR! That’s already 50 UP for England. Headingley certainly isn’t a slow-scoring ground.

Big appeal from Southee as the ball hits Pope’s pads but it’s always drifting down leg and his teammates don’t really join in. Richard Kettleborough uninterested.

England 47-1 (Crawley 25*, Pope 7*) Target 296

16:43 , Luke Baker

After going for 20 off his previous over, Boult removed from the attack and Michael Bracewell comes on. A bit of spin - Jack Leach has taken 10-fer in the match, so there’s something in the pitch.

Singles off the first two balls before Crawley takes a step or two down the pitch but the ball turns into his midriff. That’s the right area for Bracewell.

A big attempted sweep from Crawley then hits his pads but well outside the line, so a stifled appeal. The final delivery is dispatched for FOUR though as he slog-sweeps past midwicket, along the ground most of the way, and it hits the fence. Nice shot despite Bracewell’s optimistic cries of ‘catch it!’

England 41-1 (Crawley 20*, Pope 6*) Target 296

16:39 , Luke Baker

Pope finally gets off the mark off his 12th delivery as he flicks one off his legs for two. And then from the final ball of Southee’s over, Pope joins the boundary party as he pumps one straight down the ground for FOUR!

Too straight and on to his pads from Southee and Pope takes advantage.

England 35-1 (Crawley 20*, Pope 0*) Target 296

16:35 , Luke Baker

Much better from Crawley. Boult leaves it short and Crawley pulls off the front foot for FOUR. That’s the opener’s bread and butter, Boult will know he should be pitching the ball up.

It’s FOUR more for the Kent man. He throws his hands at one outside off, it’s off the toe-end of the bat, in the air but over the infield and it races away through the covers. Not exactly conventional or convincing but he’s into double figures.

That’s good though - straight down the ground and another FOUR runs through mid-off. Not perfect length from Boult and punished. Crawley wants this done by the end of play...

A good leave and then another drive through the covers for FOUR! That’s 16 off the over and Crawley now on 20. Trying to thump his way back to confidence and form - it’s not the worst idea to be honest. Those last two boundaries looked better as well.

England 19-1 (Crawley 4*, Pope 0*) Target 296

16:30 , Luke Baker

APPEAL from Southee of the first ball of the over but it’s only really him who goes up for it. Inside edge on to the pads from Crawley, so nothing doing.

New Zealand already trying to get the ball changed a few overs in but it still goes through the umpire’s little holey gizmo, so no dice just yet.

A late defensive stroke from Crawley is pretty unconvincing and then a jaffer from Southee slices through the gate but somehow goes over the top of the stumps. The keeper can’t handle it and it’s a bye. Hard to see Crawley surviving much longer...

England 18-1 (Crawley 4*, Pope 0*) Target 296

16:25 , Luke Baker

Dodgy shot from Pope as he doesn’t move his feet on an attempted drive and he misses Boult’s delivery outside off.

It’s good bowling from New Zealand’s openers and Boult completes a maiden.

England 18-1 (Crawley 4*, Pope 0*) Target 296

16:20 , Luke Baker

Really poor communication and running between the wicket from England’s openers. Made a complete mess of it.

Ollie Pope in at three and they run a leg bye from the second ball- of Southee’s over. Right, can Crawley get that out of his head and build an innings?

He inside edges one on to his pads but survives the rest of the over.

OUT! Lees run out (Williamson/Boult) 9. England 17-1

16:16 , Luke Baker

Almost a mix-up from the first ball of Boult’s over as Crawley sets off for a run that is never there, Lees sends him back and he dives into his ground as the ball comes fizzing past the stumps from midwicket. Direct hit would’ve been close.

Crawley then forced to jam his bat down late on an inswinging ball. He was initially going to leave that. Half appeal as the ball strikes his leg but too high and probably too straight.

Oh no! Lees is OUT! Crawley tempted to drive off the final ball and it’s a decent connection, well fielded by Kane Williamson. Mix-up with the run, Lees sent back to the non-striker’s end but the ball beats him, Boult collects and whips off the bails. Run out. Disaster for England

England 17-0 (Lees 9*, Crawley 4*) Target 296

16:10 , Luke Baker

Always seems to be some drama with these England openers!

FOUR more for Lees though as he gets on the front foot and drives through the off side. Perhaps a bit squarer than intended but it’s safely along the ground and races away.

Connects with the next delivery on a similar shot but straight to the fielder and sees out the over with a defensive shot.

England 13-0 (Lees 5*, Crawley 4*) Target 296

16:06 , Luke Baker

The wind has got up a bit at Headingley, which isn’t particularly conducive to swing bowling.

Crawley, the one man yet to shine under the ‘Baz Ball’ of Brendon McCullum on strike to Trent Boult - the man who has caused him fits this series (and last summer). If ever there was a time for the Kent man to make his first big score in a while...

Solid defence, finding the middle of the blade each time, from the first five balls. Flashes hard at the final delivery, he can’t resist the drive, and it’s a shrap edge, just over the top of the slip cordon for FOUR! In fact, Southee got fingertips to it... A let-off for Crawley.

England 9-0 (Lees 5*, Crawley 0*) Target 296

16:02 , Luke Baker

First ball of Tim Southee’s first over, round the wicket and it’s into Lees’ pads, the ball goes fine of fine leg and zips to the boundary for FOUR leg byes!

Already chipping away at the target. No runs from the rest of the over, so Zak Crawley will be on strike for the first time.

England 5-0 (Lees 5*, Crawley 0*) Target 296

16:00 , Luke Baker

Right, here we go. Can England do it again? Alex Lees and Zak Crawley the men to open the batting in pursuit of 296.

Lees on strike and from the third ball he nicks one through the slip cordon for FOUR! Unconvincing but he’s off the mark.

Final ball of the over is wafted to fine leg for a single. 5 from the over.

VIDEO: Leach takes final wicket and get 10 for the match

15:56 , Luke Baker

A second consecutive five-fer for Jack Leach and 10 for the match as he ends the New Zealand innings. England need 296 to win.

VIDEO: Billings catches Wagner between his knees!

15:53 , Luke Baker

A double wicket maiden for Leach as Wagner was caught by Billings, between his knees!

VIDEO: Southee clean bowled by Leach

15:49 , Luke Baker

Leach removed Southee to keep England rolling

VIDEO: Leach has Bracewell caught in the deep

15:46 , Luke Baker

Bracewell was next to fall as Leach had him caught in the deep

VIDEO: Potts makes breakthrough to remove Mitchell

15:42 , Luke Baker

Let’s take a look at the wickets that fell today, as England finally dismissed New Zealand.

The initial breakthrough, after a frustrating morning session where the Black Caps didn’t lose a wicket, came when Matty Potts dismissed Daryl Mitchell

England vs New Zealand

15:40 , Luke Baker

That’s also tea. It was due at 3.59pm (me, either...) but they’ve taken it early between innings. So England will have an extended evening session to start their run chase.

This match could go either way - the beauty is that both sides will genuinely fancy their chances.

England vs New Zealand

15:37 , Luke Baker

Normally chasing 296 in the fourth innnings of a Test match wouldn’t be a likely scenario but this England side are rewriting the rules. They’ll fancy this!

Potts ends with 3-66 and Leach with 5-66 - they were clearly England’s two standout bowlers in that innings. A match ten-fer for Leach as well.

Tom Blundell batted sublimely and he is stranded on 88. The Black Caps will like their chances of defending 295 as well.

OUT! Boult b Leach 4. New Zealand 326 all out (Blundell 88*) Lead by 295

15:35 , Luke Baker

Boult on strike, can Leach finally finish this off? Erm, no... Boult charges and cracks the ball through midwicket for FOUR.

And now it’s over! Leach skips one past Boult’s defences for another clean bowled - he’s OUT!

That’s another 5-fer for Leach and 10 wickets in a Test match for the first time for the spinner. Brilliant stuff - well deserved for Leach.

New Zealand all out for 326 and England need 296 to win.

New Zealand 322-9 (Blundell 88*, Boult 0*) Lead by 291

15:31 , Luke Baker

Potts still bowling from the other end. Blundell turns down a single towards square leg from the third ball and then gets FOUR from the next delivery as he comes down the track and rams it through backward point.

Final ball of the over and he ramps it! Up and over the keeper for FOUR. How very white-ball of Blundell.

New Zealand 314-9 (Blundell 80*, Boult 0*) Lead by 283

15:27 , Luke Baker

A couple of defensive shots from Boult before a swing is stopped well in the infield.

Then a sharp EDGE to Joe Root at slip. It’s well to his right but he might get his fingers under it, however he can’t pick it and it hits the turf. Penultimate ball nearly slips through but an inside edge from Boult takes it on to his pad and England (rightly) don’t review after the umpire says no.

New Zealand 314-9 (Blundell 80*, Boult 0*) Lead by 283

15:23 , Luke Baker

A double wicket maiden for Leach in that over - cracking stuff.

Trent Boult in, as one of the all-time greatest batting No 11s. Blundell on strike to Potts though and takes a massive swipe to midwicket but declines the run. He might as well try to add some quick runs here.

Next ball is a peach, cuts him in half and goes through to the keeper. Half-appeal for lbw from the third but was heading down leg.

Down the pitch from the penultimate ball and clubs it wide of mid-off for FOUR! A slower ball bouncer off the final delivery as Blundell comes down the pitch again and it’s ruled a wide. Potts doesn’t agree but it crossed the crease well over head height.

So Blundell has another go and works one through the covers for FOUR! England let it run away rather than attempting to keep it to a single as Boult will now be on strike.

OUT! Wagner c Billings b Leach 0. New Zealand 305-9

15:15 , Luke Baker

Neil Wagner the next man in and England’s run chase looms. A bit of variable bounce from Leach and a low one has Wagner reaching but the ball slipping under the bat.

From the final ball of the over there’s a slightly confused, but excited, APPEAL from England. It looked like Wagner might have nicked it and Billings then caught the ball between his knees behind the stumps.

On-field deicsion is OUT and we go to replays to confirm. Snicko shows there is a nick, the ball then hits Billings in the chest, rolls down his body and he traps it between his knees! Remarkable but it’s out!

OUT! Southee b Leach 2. New Zealand 305-8

15:12 , Luke Baker

Got him! First ball of Leach’s over and Southee is OUT!

A tentative push forward from Southee and because of the pace on Leach’s delivery it nips between bat and pat and connects with the top of middle stump. Another breakthrough!

New Zealand 305-7 (Blundell 72*, Southee 2*) Lead by 274

15:10 , Luke Baker

Possibly Potts’ final over of this spell. First ball harmlessly goes down leg, the second is knocked down in front of him by Southee.

A bit of uneven bounce, the ball ricochets of Southee’s glove (of his top hand) and into the leg side for one. Blundell then comes down the wicket, takes a massive swing to leg, misses completely and does a 360-degree pirouette!

New Zealand 304-7 (Blundell 72*, Southee 1*) Lead by 273

15:06 , Luke Baker

Into the 100th over of the New Zealand innings. A fizzing delivery from Leach goes past Blundell’s outside edge and into Billings’ gloves.

He goes to sweep another delivery and it looks like it comes off the glove as it goes really fine and runs down to the fine leg boundary for FOUR! Ungainly but runs.

The field comes up for the final two balls to try and get Southee on strike for Potts and Blundell can’t get the ball beyond the infield, so it will be the new man to face.

300 UP! New Zealand 300-7 (Blundell 68*, Southee 1*) Lead by 269

15:03 , Luke Baker

Blundell takes a swipe at a Potts ball outside the off stump but it fizzes through to Billings. A single thanks to a chop into the off side brings 300 UP for New Zealand.

CLOSE! Potts then gets one to nip between Southee’s bat and pad but it just misses the off stump. A tentative prod outside off from Southee to finish the over that doesn’t connect.

DROP! New Zealand 299-7 (Blundell 67*, Southee 1*) Lead by 268

14:59 , Luke Baker

Southee gets off strike with a cheap single off the first ball and Leach then gets Blundell to lift one into the air on the leg side but it falls a couple of yards in front of Overton at backward square.

Then a DROP by Joe Root at first slip. To be fair, Southee was cutting the ball, he edged it hard to Root standing up and the former skipper had almost no time to react. Did well to get his hands to it but down it goes.

New Zealand 297-7 (Blundell 66*, Southee 0*) Lead by 266

14:55 , Luke Baker

The dangerous Potts steaming in for another over but Blundell plays a ball outside off late and guides it into the ground, wide of the slip cordon and away for FOUR! Nice shot from the set batter.

A quick two with a punch into the leg-side and Potts then finds some extra pace into the bat that leaves Blundell wringing his hand in pain. A wild swing and miss from the final delivery that’s pitched outside off. Almost an edge!

New Zealand 291-7 (Blundell 60*, Southee 0*) Lead by 260

14:51 , Luke Baker

Quick drinks break but Tim Southee the new man at the crease. Three balls left of Jack Leach’s over.

Southee swipes one into the ground, defends the second and the third is chipped IN THE AIR but beyond the diving Matty Potts at extra cover. Leach gets a clap as he returns to his fielding position

OUT! Bracewell c Crawely b Leach 9. New Zealand 291-7

14:48 , Luke Baker

No he can’t! That’s OUT and fully deserved wicket for Jack Leach.

Bracewell tries to go big again but gets under this one, skies it to deep midwicket and Zak Crawley is out there on the boundary to safely take the catch. Leach delighted. You’ll take being hit for six if it means a wicket later in the over!

SIX! New Zealand 291-6 (Blundell 60*, Bracewell 9*) Lead by 260

14:46 , Luke Baker

Bracewell gets aggressive off Leach as he launches a mammoth SIX over long-on. Can he play the role that Broad did for England in their first innings yesterday?

VIDEO: Matty Potts finally breaks NZ partnership

14:45 , Luke Baker

Here’s how Potts FINALLY broke the Blundell-Mitchell partnership

New Zealand 285-6 (Blundell 60*, Bracewell 3*) Lead by 254

14:44 , Luke Baker

Potts shapes one into Bracewell and it thuds into the pads causing a big APPEAL!. Looks like it’s going down leg and umpire Richard Kettleborough agrees, as does hawkeye later in the over. Just a leg bye.

Blundell gets a single later in the over when he swings across the line and Bracewell finally gets off the mark from the final ball of the over as he pushes through the covers, the ball gathers speed across the practice pitches and they run three.

New Zealand 280-6 (Blundell 59*, Bracewell 0*) Lead by 249

14:39 , Luke Baker

Jack Leach to continue at the other end and he forces Blundell back. Some good close fielding then ensures it’s a maiden.

New Zealand 280-6 (Blundell 59*, Bracewell 0*) Lead by 249

14:36 , Luke Baker

Blundell tucks a single behind square that is well fielded and Potts then gets one to shape away from Bracewell and misses the outside edge as the ball thuds into Billings’ gloves. Great ball.

Potts really has been the pock of England’s bowlers and his figures of 3-37 in the second innings bear that out.

New Zealand 279-6 (Blundell 58*, Bracewell 0*) Lead by 248

14:33 , Luke Baker

Another EDGE off Jack Leach! Blundell genuinely edges the ball but once again it drops between Billings and Root as keeper and first slip and races away for FOUR! So frustrating.

Blundell then takes a single through the point region before Bracewell sees off the final delivery from his fellow spinner.

New Zealand 274-6 (Blundell 52*, Bracewell 0*) Lead by 243

14:29 , Luke Baker

Michael Bracewell is the man in at No 8 for New Zealand. One ball to face from Potts and he defends it well.

Can England kick on from here?

OUT! Mitchell lbw b Potts 56. New Zealand 274-6

14:27 , Luke Baker

That’s an overturned lbw decision apiece for these two now. So frustrating for England.

Blundell off strike the next ball as he presses a single into the covers and then another big appeal for lbw, this time against Mitchell, and the finger goes up! The umpire says OUT! New Zealand, of course, review...

No bat involved, so we go to ball-tracking... And this time it stays out! Three reds. At last, the breakthrough as Mitchell departs for 56!

OVERTURNED - NOT OUT! New Zealand 273-5 (Mitchell 56*, Blundell 52*) Lead by 242

14:23 , Luke Baker

Matty Potts back on and first ball - he’s got him! OUT! Full and straight from Potts to Blundell, it raps the pad and the finger goes up - lbw.

New Zealand review. It hasn’t hit the bat, pitches outside off, hits in line but hawkeye says it’s missing leg stump. NOT OUT! Blundell survives and the partnership survives. Heartbreak for England.

New Zealand 273-5 (Mitchell 56*, Blundell 52*) Lead by 242

14:20 , Luke Baker

Blundell up on his toes to punch a single to the covers before Mitchell down on one knee produces a glorious sweep shot for FOUR! Textbook.

England have been trying to induce the sweep and Mitchell obliges but it only leads to runs.

50 UP! New Zealand 268-5 (Mitchell 52*, Blundell 51*) Lead by 237

14:17 , Luke Baker

Another EDGE! Promising for England but it’s just not quite going to hand. Broad induces an edge from Mitchell but it falls short of the slips and wriggles its way through, down to the boundary for FOUR! That’s also the 100 PARTNERSHIP for Blundell and Mitchell - their fourth century partnership of the series. It’s only a three-match series...

Later in the over, Mitchell fences one down through third man for another FOUR and that’s 50 UP! Another half-century for Mitchell in this series - a real thorn in England’s side.

50 UP! New Zealand 260-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 51*) Lead by 229

14:12 , Luke Baker

A change of bowling, some spin in the form of Jack Leach. He bowled impressively with the old ball before lunch, can he get a bit more zip with the newer cherry?

Round the wicket and getting some good drift and with the fourth ball he gets it to turn and an EDGE from Blundell but it drops between Billings behind the stump and Root at first slip. That’s 50 UP for Blundell as they run two, another half-century for him.

New Zealand 258-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 49*) Lead by 227

14:08 , Luke Baker

Broad getting plenty of bounce and Blundell plays one under his eyes with a downward stroke. A push to the off-side move Blundell to 49 and Mitchell safely sees out the rest of the over, although the final ball nips past the outside.

Good bowling by Broad and Potts without any joy so far.

New Zealand 257-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 48*) Lead by 226

14:03 , Luke Baker

A scampered single off Potts’ first ball, followed by a couple of leaves throughout the rest of the over and a couple of blocks. Just the one.

New Zealand 256-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 47*) Lead by 225

13:59 , Luke Baker

CLOSE! Almost a breakthrough from the first ball of Broad’s second over post-lunch as Blundell doesn’t know much about an inside edge that sends the ball rolling back towards the stumps. He lunges with his bat and brushes the ball away from the pegs, it may have been hitting without that intervention.

He gets off strike with a defensive stroke into the leg-side and Mitchell then wears one in his midriff from an inside edge off one that nips in. Just one off the over

New Zealand 255-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 46*) Lead by 224

13:54 , Luke Baker

Matty Potts to continue from the other end, just as he did before lunch.

Drifts slightly to leg with the first ball but well-taken by Billings. A better line after that but the first run of the session comes from the final ball as Blundell flicks one off his hips for a single.

New Zealand 254-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 45*) Lead by 223

13:48 , Luke Baker

Stuart Broad with the first over after lunch. Immediately on the perfect line and length drawing Daryll Mitchell outside off.

Crowd roaring Broad in and he gets a bit of bounce to rear the ball up at Mitchell. Final two deliveries are well left and go through to Billings. A maiden to open things up.

England vs New Zealand

13:44 , Luke Baker

The players are back out at Headingley and we’re about to get underway. England desperately need a breakthrough but they were good at getting exactly that after breaks yesterday...

VIDEO: How Tom Blundell and Daryl Mitchell have taken the game to England

13:40 , Luke Baker

A frustrating morning for England. Here’s some analysis of how the New Zealand pair have frustrated the hosts

Azeem Rafiq attends third day of Headingley Test as guest of Yorkshire

13:37 , Luke Baker

Azeem Rafiq attended day three of the Headingley Test between England and New Zealand as Yorkshire’s guest, returning to the ground for the first time since he went public with claims of institutional racism at the club.

Rafiq enjoyed Saturday’s action from a balcony at the Pavilion End, having accepted a White Rose invitation to take in a game that was almost relocated at the height of the racism scandal set in motion by his whistleblowing.

Yorkshire’s right to host international fixtures was suspended by the England and Wales Cricket Board after Rafiq’s explosive, harrowing testimony in front a parliamentary select committee last year. The sanction was only lifted four months ago, in recognition of a new leadership regime led by chair Lord Kamlesh Patel and the work it had done to address failures of the past.

Patel told BBC’s Test Match Special on day one that the very existence of the club would have been in doubt had the England team been kept away, such is the commercial value attached to such fixtures.

Azeem Rafiq attends third day of Headingley Test as guest of Yorkshire

Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell thwart England again at Headingley

13:31 , Luke Baker

England were frustrated by the familiar pairing of Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell as New Zealand fought back hard on the fourth morning of the Headingley Test.

Mitchell and Blundell have been constant irritants to England over the course of the series, sharing big stands of 195 and 236 at Lord’s and Trent Bridge, and the pair once again combined to shut down the home attack.

A sequence of four wickets in a rousing evening session on day three had put England firmly in control of the match, but they drew a blank over the course of two difficult hours on Sunday.

The Kiwis added 86 runs without loss, stretching their lead to 223 at lunch, with Mitchell continuing to ride a run of career-best form.

He was 44 not out in a score of 264-5, turning in another impressive showing on the back of three centuries in the series to date, and in the process became the first touring player to score over 500 runs in a Test series of three matches or fewer in England. Blundell, who has also proven himself a player of skill and determination at number seven, was 45no at the break.

Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell thwart England again at Headingley

England’s Jamie Overton happy to entertain on rollercoaster Test debut

13:25 , Luke Baker

Jamie Overton has already ridden the highs and the lows of Test cricket in the first three days of his England career and admitted he was enjoying leaving fans “on the edge of their seats”.

Despite being handed a debut at Headingley due to his 90mph pace bowling, Overton almost had his name up in lights for a century in his first ever Test innings.

Instead he was dismissed for 97, a knock that helped drag the game away from New Zealand during a 241-run stand with Jonny Bairstow, who hit an outstanding 162.

Overton did not have long to agonise over the missing three runs, with England hurried back into the field with a 31-run lead.

The tourists looked rock solid at 125-1, but when Overton had Tom Latham caught behind off the first ball of the evening session the tone shifted. They stumbled to 168-5 by the time rain brought an early end, with England surely satisfied to be just 137 behind.

England’s Jamie Overton happy to entertain on rollercoaster Test debut

Covid-19: England draft in Sam Billings during third New Zealand Test as Ben Foakes tests positive

13:16 , Luke Baker

A reminder of the big story from the start of the day at Headingley.

England wicketkeeper Ben Foakes has tested positive for Covid-19, with Kent’s Sam Billings taking his place for the remainder of the Headingley Test.

Foakes did not take the field on the third afternoon against New Zealand after complaining of back pain, but later returned a positive test after a check up at the team hotel in Leeds.

Jonny Bairstow deputised with the gloves during the tourists’ second innings but Billings, who made his Test debut in the final match of the Ashes, has been drafted to take over for the rest of the match.

A statement from the England and Wales Cricket Board read: “Ben Foakes was unable to keep wicket on day three of the Third LV= Insurance Test at Headingley suffering from back stiffness. On a further medical assessment yesterday evening, he subsequently tested positive after administering an LFT Covid-19 test.

“Details of his return to the England set-up will be announced in due course. However, it is hoped he will be fit for the LV= Insurance Test against India starting next Friday at Edgbaston.”

England’s Ben Foakes replaced by Sam Billings after positive Covid-19 test

LUNCH! New Zealand 254-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 45*) Lead by 223

13:06 , Luke Baker

Completely and utterly New Zealand’s session that one. 86 runs, no wickets and a frustrating morning at Headingley for England.

The lead is now up to 223 runs and the Black Caps are in a strong position. You don’t really want to be chasing much more than 250 in a fourth innings and certainly not up at 300. The first half an hour after lunch will be key. Can the new ball inspire a breakthrough?

New Zealand 254-5 (Mitchell 44*, Blundell 45*) Lead by 223

13:03 , Luke Baker

Matty Potts will get one over with the new cherry before lunch.

A squirted single to leg from Mitchell before the next delivery stays a little low to Blundell but he reacts well.

Blundell whips one through the on-side, a shade short and straight on the attempted yorker from Potts, and that’s FOUR! A comfortable leave to finish and that’s LUNCH!

New Zealand 249-5 (Mitchell 43*, Blundell 41*) Lead by 218

12:54 , Luke Baker

England do indeed take the new ball and it will be Stuart Broad to bowl the first over. Can they get a breakthrough just before lunch?

Three slips in place, the crowd - who have understandably been slightly soporific this morning - liven up and cheer him in. Good line and length with the first ball, left by Blundell and carries through to Billings. Same with the second delivery. Promising amount of bounce though.

Play and miss at the third ball! Great delivery by Broad and a good miss by Blundell in truth. The fourth delivery rattles into the pads and earns a big appeal from England but the umpire is unmoved. It looked to strike him outside the line.

This has been the most dramatic over for a while. Penultimate delivery well defended by Blundell as he gets forward and the last ball is also kept out.

Time for one more over before lunch.

New Zealand 249-5 (Mitchell 43*, Blundell 41*) Lead by 218

12:53 , Luke Baker

Final over before the new ball and England might get two overs in with the fresh cherry before lunch. One for Broad and the other for Leach? Or pace from both ends?

Anyway, Leach has six balls left with this old cherry, Mitchell gets forward to them all but it’s a maiden for the spinner.

New Zealand 249-5 (Mitchell 43*, Blundell 41*) Lead by 218

12:51 , Luke Baker

Root’s final over you’d think - presuming England take the new ball at the first opportunity.

Sharp spin in towards the right-handed Blundell and it stays low but he gets his bat down well. Root stops mid-over to remove some debris that has flown on to the outfield. It doesn’t disrupt his rhythm though, although Blundell swishes the final delivery through midwicket, Overton chases across and dives to prevent the boundary. Good fielding - just two.

New Zealand 247-5 (Mitchell 43*, Blundell 39*) Lead by 216

12:47 , Luke Baker

Leach ties up Mitchell and that’s a maiden. England still can’t break this partnership though.

Just two overs until the new ball now.

New Zealand 247-5 (Mitchell 43*, Blundell 39*) Lead by 216

12:46 , Luke Baker

Better from Root as the first ball spits past Mitchell’s outside edge into Billings’ gloves.

CLOSE! Mitchell’s flick into the leg-side goes aerial and flies over the head of Pope at short leg for a single. He had no chance of a catch really.

Gasps of excitement from the next ball also as it loops into the air off Blundell’s bat but falls short of Stuart Broad at mid-on by about a yard. Better from England.

New Zealand 246-5 (Mitchell 42*, Blundell 39*) Lead by 215

12:42 , Luke Baker

Leach keeping things tighter than his former skipper as the first four balls fail to leave the infield. Penultimate delivery flicked off the pads for a single through midwicket by Mitchell.

New Zealand 245-5 (Mitchell 41*, Blundell 39*) Lead by 214

12:39 , Luke Baker

Root on for a second over and Mitchell goes aerial from a ball that’s too short - there’s no deep midwicket and that’s away for FOUR!

Next ball is too short again and, off the back foot, Mitchell punches it through the covers for another FOUR! A single from the penultimate ball means it’s nine off the over.

England treading water until this new ball (now five overs away) and New Zealand building on their lead.

New Zealand 236-5 (Mitchell 32*, Blundell 39*) Lead by 205

12:37 , Luke Baker

Good work in the infield from Stokes to prevent a single but Blundell gets off strike from the following ball with a clip to leg.

The final ball of the over is then pushed into the off-side for another single. No dramas for the Black Caps off Leach in that over.

New Zealand 234-5 (Mitchell 31*, Blundell 38*) Lead by 203

12:34 , Luke Baker

Joe Root on to bowl in place of Overton.

Lovely reverse sweep for FOUR from Mitchell off the first ball, he tries the same again from the next delivery, gets in wrong but it cannons off the gloves, then the toe of the bat and goes between keeper and first slip for FOUR more!

Next delivery clipped off the toes for two before Mitchell decides that’s enough fun for the over and defends the final three deliveries. Still 10 off it though.

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