Energetic Frenchie Plays With Big Blue Ball in Fresh Utah Snow

A dog in Utah enjoyed playing in the fresh snow, with footage tweeted on November 29 showing him happily chasing a ball through the white stuff.

Six-year-old French bulldog Francis “loves to play with his ball in the snow” according to his owner Chase Thomason, a Salt Lake City-based meteorologist.

Thomason captured the joyous moment after the area was hit by what he described as the city’s “first significant snow of the season”.

“He goes absolutely nuts when it snows and he can play with [the ball],” Thomason told Storyful. “His goal is to pop it no matter how long it takes.”

“Sometimes he’ll be out there for hours until it pops,” he added. “That’s why he has a beanie and parka on to stay warm.” Credit: Chase Thomason via Storyful

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