Security camera catches terrifying moment employee finds man hiding in backroom: 'I can't imagine anything scarier than this'

A store employee shared harrowing security footage on TikTok after she found herself in a terrifying situation after hours at work.

In the video, Sierra Galvez (@squintsybengchen) is seen walking with a cart that she later says is filled with returns from the registers. As Galvez walks down the aisle, she turns her head and seems to be looking at something among piles of large cardboard boxes.

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“I heard a noise, and it sounded like paper or cardboard falling … I kind of joke around that this place is haunted, so I’m freaking out because we always hear noises back there,” Galvez explained in another TikTok. “I saw a stack of signs tipped over and, instantly, I’m like, there’s something wrong, they’re not supposed to be tipped over.”

Galvez said she initially thought it was an animal until she saw a human hand poking out from underneath the signs.

“I slowly look up, and I see this dude staring dead in my eyes, that will forever haunt my eyes,” she said.

In another video, Galvez showed the CCTV footage of her sprinting away from the scene. After she leaves, the man comes out from his hiding spot and rummages around for something to take. Galvez said that she called her manager and then dialed 911 — but by the time police responded to her call, the man had left.

“I can’t imagine anything scarier than this night,” Galvez wrote in the caption of the video, which has since accumulated over 10 million views.

It is unclear where Galvez works specifically, but it appears to be some kind of big box store based on the footage.

The police also told Galvez that, despite the security cameras capturing the man taking something from the store, the store couldn’t charge him for intrusion because he presumably came in during open hours and therefore is technically a customer.

The legal definition of an intrusion is when an organization or person “intentionally invades the private affairs” of someone else. A store like the one where Galvez works is considered private property with public access during its work hours — so if the stranger did come in while the store was open, he was not technically invading a private space.

“[The] worst part is, he went in there as a customer and hid in the back, and I at least passed him [two] times without noticing,” Galvez added in the caption.

Viewers were terrified over the situation — with some noting that Galvez’s terrified sprint was “how [characters are] suppose[d] to run in scary movies.”

“I am SO glad you are safe and [that] you BOOKED it. I was literally cheering for [you],” one commenter wrote. “I have a similar job, [and] this is a huge fear of mine.”

“As a supervisor … I will never let my employees go by the back by themselves at night ever again,” another added.

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