Elon Musk pledges $50 million toward Inspiration4 fundraiser for St. Jude

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk pledged $50 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital hours after the Inspiration4 crew splashed down on Saturday.

Why it matters: The all-civilian spaceflight was created, in part, as a fundraiser for St. Jude to raise $200 million. The mission had received $100 million from billionaire Jared Isaacman, who purchased the flight, and raised an additional $60.2 million before Musk's contribution, according to CNBC.

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  • The spaceflight launched on Wednesday and spent three days in orbit before returning to Earth. The crew members included Haley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude who was treated by the hospital as a child.

  • The fundraiser ultimately raised more than $210 million, per CNBC.

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