Electroimpact Founder and CEO Peter Zieve Shares Importance Of Mentorship For PhD Students

Peter Zieve Shares How Guidance From Jens Jorgensen and Jim Melcher Shaped His Professional Path

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2020 / Going through the process of a Ph.D. program can be daunting, and it can be hard to decide on a career path as students come to the end of their doctoral degrees. Electroimpact CEO Peter Zieve credits much of his success to two of his mentors, Jens Jorgensen at the University of Washington and Jim Melcher at MIT.

Peter Zieve isn't the only one who believes in the benefits of mentorship. Research backs up the importance of relationships between graduate students and successful professionals.

"Research shows that mentees generally perform better in their programs and after they get out of school" than students without mentors, according to W. Brad Johnson, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the U.S. Naval Academy.

While mentors can provide practical advice on how to get ahead in the field, they can also give emerging professionals the confidence that they need to stick to their guns and stay on their own path. Peter Zieve credits Jens Jorgensen with helping him stand up to Boeing when they asked him to sign away rights to technology he developed during his Ph.D. program.

Of Jorgensen's support, Zieve says, "When you're just getting started in the industry, it can be tough to stand up to a giant like Boeing. Jens helped me see that I didn't have to give in to huge corporations - I could carve my own path."

"Peter was willing to work with Boeing, but they wanted to do it all themselves. It was his innovation," Jorgensen said.

Peter Zieve also credits Jim Melcher of MIT for helping him to find his way as a doctoral student. Zieve wasn't the only one to recognize Melcher's brilliance - during his 29 years at MIT, he was recognized for his contributions to the field of electromechanics countless times. While Melcher's dedication to his own work was remarkable, he also showed a deep commitment to helping up-and-coming engineers, like Peter Zieve, get started right. Melcher's work in continuum electromechanics helped to pave the way for newcomers like Peter Zieve.

"I'll always remember Jim as someone who encouraged me to forge my own way in the field of electromechanics. It's thanks to him that I was able to keep my head down and develop new technology, even when I felt discouraged," Peter Zieve said of his relationship with the late Melcher.

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