Efficiency at Every Turn: Fuel Me Transforms the Transportation Industry

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CHICAGO, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The most popular processes for fuel procurement in the transportation industry are neither cost-effective nor time-efficient, but Fuel Me is quickly changing that. Fuel Me, a first-of-its-kind cloud-based technology platform, allows clients nationwide to fuel entire fleets of trucks using a singular platform. Unlike anything on the market, this platform streamlines critical data in mileage and purchases at every turn.

There are several factors in the fueling process that consistently cause companies to lose both time and money. The most common friction areas in the transportation industry are (1) inefficient time management, (2) budget inconsistencies due to the lack of visibility until the time of invoice, and (3) the inability to track fuel orders—all of these pain points, and more, are solved by Fuel Me and their platform. Here is how:

Streamlined Management Platform
The Fuel Me platform saves customers time when it comes to both management and the actual fueling process. Via the Fuel Me platform, customers can order, monitor, track and manage orders in real-time. These tools greatly reduce the necessary administrative tasks often required to acquire fueling.

Optimized Fueling Schedules
In addition to improving management, Fuel Me has the ability to provide fueling while drivers are asleep, instead of requiring them to stop during the driving time to fill up. By fueling during the required rest period—8 hours of rest for every 11 hours of transit—Fuel Me helps their customers save time and cut fuel costs significantly. Optimized scheduling also allows for contactless fueling, making Fuel Me a Covid-friendly alternative to traditional methods.

Real-Time Pricing
The Fuel Me platform features a real-time pricing algorithm that provides complete visibility to customers for accurate fuel budgeting. No more receiving surprising, costly invoices after the project is complete. Real-time pricing allows for better budgeting, more accurate quoting, and larger returns on investment.

Live Order Tracking
Fuel pricing is not the only thing that Fuel Me tracks in real-time. The platform provides live order tracking using GPS. Customers never have to worry about missing their fuel and can rest easy that their assets are always supplied, avoiding costly downtime. Live order tracking also eliminates any mistrust or inaccuracies that may arise when drivers must fuel their own trucks.

With the transportation industry experiencing exponential growth post-pandemic, efficient fuel management and cost-effectiveness will be crucial in maintaining and exceeding revenue goals. Fuel Me's innovative technology and streamlined fueling platform give transportation companies the tools they need to stay ahead of the fleet. Learn more about Fuel Me and their revolutionary platform at fuel.me.

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(PRNewsfoto/Fuel Me)

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