Eel leaps out of fish tank in shocking escape attempt: 'I'm never leaving my house again'

This TikToker’s mundane trip to the pet store took a shocking turn when an eel made a daring escape from its tank. Baylee Jaye (@bbjjuice) recently posted her first ever TikTok video, detailing how a trip to the pet store with her child took a surprising turn, . ... when an eel decided to leap out of its tank onto the floor. The jaw-dropping video, which accrued 9.2 million views and counting, left TikTok in shock. The video begins with Baylee filming an eel swimming in its tank. The eel, which is white with large black spots, undulates in the water. At first, everything seems normal, but then suddenly, the eel pokes its head out of its tank. It opens its mouth, and peers over the edge as Baylee backs away in shock. after a few seconds, the eel pokes its head out again. The eel pauses for a moment with its head poking out of the tank, then launches itself out of the tank and onto the floor. Baylee’s son grabs her by the hand, pulling her away from the fallen eel. Overcome with fear, her son then starts screaming and runs away. Viewers were equal parts amused and terrified by the video. “Well, I’m never leaving my house again,” one rattled viewer responded

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