Edward James Olmos reveals who he’s voting for and why the Latino vote is so important

Edward James Olmos stars in and directs the film “The Devil Has a Name” about environmental degradation. “Cesar [Chavez] really gave a voice to the migrant workers,” Olmos tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Today, with this movie, I give voice to all the people that are working in the fields.” When it comes to the upcoming election, Olmos says, “This year, I’m voting for Biden,” He adds: “You can have your reason for hating me for saying this …but I will tell you, this President [Trump] came down the walkway and the first thing he said was about my culture. And he destroyed my culture.” Olmos encourages everyone to vote especially the Latinx community. “What we’re having right now is an experience that allows you to have a choice of having democracy or having a very strong and ugly dictatorship,” he says.