EDITORIAL: Honoring cancer warriors

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Oct. 23—Deanna Coxsey's tenacity in her battle against cancer is emblazoned on her T-shirt: "I am a warrior."

She completed several rounds of medical procedures, 12 rounds in the first phase of chemotherapy, and she's ready to complete more in her battle against her cancer diagnosis.

"It's day-by-day and phase-by-phase," Deanna told us. "Survival is the key."

Deanna wanted to share her story during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October to help provide comfort for women who face the same challenges and hopefully aid prevention.

She was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, a hormone-based illness that calls for prolonged treatments.

Her journey started during a self-examination last December when she found a lump in her right breast.

Deanna said she went to the doctor Dec. 21, got a mammogram soon afterward, and had a biopsy procedure on Dec. 31.

Dr. Stacy Scroggins, Coxsey's physician, then called her Jan. 4 and relayed the diagnosis.

"It was very surreal," she said. "You don't realize a medical diagnosis can change your world so drastically. It was overwhelming, to say the least."

But Deanna said she never felt alone. She told us about her strong support system and her faith that helped her when she was down.

She's strong and had that inner strength renewed when after her two children remained positive after hearing the news.

"They were very positive," she said. "I was determined to survive."

We applaud Deanna for showing strength and determination in her journey to beat cancer.

Her story is one of many in our community as our family, friends and neighbors have all been impacted by cancer in some way.

But early detection and treatment are key.

Anyone who finds a lump should immediately call and visit their physician to get a gameplan.

Then take on the same warrior mentality as Deanna did.

—McAlester News-Capital Editorial Board

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