EDITORIAL: COVID by the numbers gets alarming

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Jul. 29—So, you still don't want to get vaccinated?

Consider COVID-19 by the numbers we've been reporting lately:

Springfield's two hospitals reported 27 deaths just last weekend.

More of the same is coming.

The number of hospitalizations climbed 443% in Southwest Missouri since it looked like the pandemic was nearly over in May.

More is coming.

Seventy-eight, that was the record census for Mercy Hospital Joplin on Tuesday, and 25 of those patients were admitted over a 48-hour period. "We are climbing drastically," Mercy Joplin president Jeremy Drinkwitz told us. Mercy Hospital Joplin has reported 28 deaths since June.

Again, more to come.

"We'll have 25 deaths in 27 days, so we're going back to the death average of one death a day," Jessica Liberty, with Freeman Health System, told us. "Over the weekend we had five COVID-19-related deaths."

To emphasize the point: A death a day. Again.

Cox Health in Springfield has reported 75 deaths so far this month.

Still, more to come.

The number of Joplin dead from World War II was 166 — that's over nearly four years. At the rate we're climbing, we'll pass that tally soon, possibly in less than 18 months.

At least they were dying for a reason, for a cause; our latest deaths are unnecessary, preventable.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths from the influenza pandemic that hit in 1918 was 675,000 in this country.

Depending on which figure you use, we're already between 610,000 and 630,000, and with more to come it's likely we are in the midst of the worst pandemic to hit this country, in terms of sheer numbers.

Yes, the population in this country was one-third then what it is now, so that was more severe. But we have the tools at our fingertips to stop it; they didn't.

For the love of family, neighbor and country, get vaccinated.

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