Ecosystems' ELEVATE: The Industry's First Customer Value Management Conference

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecosystems, the leading platform for winning and growing customers based on quantified business value, will be hosting the first value management conference of its kind. ELEVATE 2021 will be a virtual conference, taking place on December 7, from 12-5 PM ET.

Ecosystems Logo (PRNewsfoto/Ecosystems Services)
Ecosystems Logo (PRNewsfoto/Ecosystems Services)

Ecosystems' software is centered around managing and showcasing the value businesses provide clients. As thought leaders in value management, ELEVATE will offer the public a free opportunity to learn how to incorporate the 'golden thread' (customer value) into sales and retention strategies. This allows companies to receive their maximum ROI—while also enhancing their brand identity by bolstering their understood value.

ELEVATE's keynote speakers include:

Additional speakers include representatives from RedHat, Salesforce, Google, Snowflake, HP, Sprinklr, Micro Focus, Autodesk, and additional leaders in customer value management.

"Value is specific to each stakeholder and more than just getting your return on investment (ROI)," says Gainsight's CEO, Nick Mehta. "Elements like stability, flexibility, and sustainability can all be value drivers. You will get into a lose-lose battle talking about value delivered if you don't reset and ask, 'What does value really mean to you?'"

"The industry is changing," says Geoffrey Moore, renowned author of "Crossing the Chasm." "In the old days, you did value realization at the end, by starting with the product and ending with the customer. Now, the ecosystem has changed. You have to put value first, and then you go back and weave it into customer success, marketing, and product."

ELEVATE will provide indispensable knowledge for anyone in B2B sales, customer success, or marketing. Topics will include value management, value selling, value realization, and how to expand value beyond ROI.

"Ecosystems has been furthering the conversation around customer value for 20 years, and we are excited to share knowledge that we, along with other innovators in the field, have to offer," says Chad Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of Ecosystems.

Attend ELEVATE 2021 by registering for free online.

About Ecosystems: Ecosystems is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides a collaborative platform where businesses can work with clients to define, evaluate, and showcase the business's value. With a mission to make value clear, Ecosystems has formed a world-class community, the Customer Value Community, of over 450 practitioners representing progressive companies, including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Gainsight, Google Cloud, and HP, focused on elevating the profession of value management. For more information, visit

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