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This Max Wedge look-alike is missing something major…

While most of the automotive world has forgotten the thundering goodness of the Max Wedge, we here at Motorious haven’t. Sometimes it feels like we’re some of the last people to not have slipped into the collective amnesia, but then we ran across this 1962 Dodge Dart 330 and it reminded us that others still revere the excitement of the early 60s Mopars.

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As the listing openly admits, this little Dart is in the middle of being transformed into a Max Wedge clone. That’s evident from the body, which admittedly is rough in spots but that’s not a deal breaker, right? Only, there’s something big missing here.

That’s right, there is no rumbling V8 under the hood. Originally this Dodge had a slant six, but now it has no engine. We’re thinking someone could do a proper Hellcat swap and make this an absolute blast to drive around track. It would also be great for embarrassing Camaros and Mustangs at the drag strip. Just think of the possibilities.

This isn’t the car for someone looking to just deal with the opportunity of doing an engine swap. While the seller says most of the body panels are solid, there are some areas plagued by rust, like the lower quarter panels and the cowl under the windshield. We know, that’s a deal breaker for some because just like Lightning McQueen they just hate rusty cars.

Unfortunately, the 4.10 Dana rear shown in the photos won’t be included in the sale. Sad, but the seller is throwing in a replaced 8 3/4 rear so you have a roller still. At least you’re getting the hood with the Max Wedge scoop. Some parts are included as well, plus if you really want that Dana rear it can be negotiated for.

What do you think of this 1962 Dodge Dart Max Wedge clone in transition? Would you bite on it? Check out the listing on eBay here.

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