Eastern Union is Hiring Brokers Who Will Earn a $1,000-Per-Week Draw After 90 Days

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Eastern Union's Commissions Are the Highest in The Industry

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Eastern Union, one of the country's largest commercial real estate finance firms, is hiring mortgage brokers who will earn a $1,000-per-week draw after 90 days on the job.

The company's brokers also earn commissions that step up to 75 percent, the highest commissions paid in the commercial real estate world.

Eastern Union's willingness to compensate new brokers at this high level reflects the firm's confidence in its unique, 90-day, "boot camp"-style broker training program for new hires.

In addition to the training syllabus, new brokers benefit from ample access to C-suite company executives for professional guidance, including training directly provided by company founder and president Ira Zlotowitz on almost a daily basis.

"Our tested training system for incoming brokers has a proven record of success," said Mr. Zlotowitz. "Eastern Union is making this substantial financial commitment to our broker recruits because we know how well our training infrastructure will prepare them for real-world success.

"We encourage you to consider a career in commercial mortgage brokerage," he said. "Eastern Union provides every recruit with a well-structured support system. We'll give you all the preparation you need to be a high-performing mortgage broker."

Eastern Union says that many brokers are able to earn annual incomes ranging from $150,000 to $500,000 within a few years of starting their careers with the company. The company's top brokers achieve annual earnings at the seven-digit level.

Brokers are supplied with promising leads. They also have the choice of working from offices in New York, New Jersey or Maryland -- and can work remotely with flexible hours.

Interested parties can visit hiring.easternunion.com

About Eastern Union

Founded in 2001, Eastern Union is a leading national commercial mortgage brokerage firm employing more than 125 brokers and real estate professionals and closing $5 billion in real estate transactions annually.

Boasting one of the industry's highest transaction volumes, the Eastern Union team leverages its relationships with banks and its marketplace knowledge to bring clients the best available rates.

The firm arranges financing for complex, multi-state, multi-site portfolios, as well as loans for smaller, single-property transactions. Eastern Union's Multi-Family Group has reset market pricing by introducing an unprecedented quarter-point fee -- with no back-end fees -- for refinancing multifamily properties backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, transactions known as "agency refinancings."

Eastern Union's groundbreaking app serves as an intelligent commercial real estate toolkit. Its eCALC feature enables investors to fully value and underwrite deals instantaneously and in the palm of their hand. It is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. With nationwide operations, Eastern Union is headquartered in New York, with multiple branches along the East Coast.

Eastern Union's capital introductions are handled through its affiliate company, Eastern Equity Advisors.

For more information, visit www.easternunion.com

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