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SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bikes are constantly gaining popularity as a choice of daily transportation, and e-bikes are a much-preferred option due to their benefits. Year-on-year e-bike sales increase about 23%, and by 2024, a forecast of 10 million electric vehicles will be sold worldwide. Products in the market are constantly evolving in terms of aesthetics and features. Engine-Lab has developed a timeless ride focused on delivering an unparalleled user experience. It's packed with a whisper-quiet 500W geared rear drive motor, lightweight frame, suspension seat post, and a 60-mile range capacity.

Engine-Lab will be available to pre-order via Indiegogo, with early backers getting access to exclusive rates. The e-bikes will then be shipped one month after the crowdfunding campaign finishes.

Ease into the Daily Commute

Commuters favor electric bikes over traditional ones as this cuts effort and travel time. E-Bikes get to destinations 21% faster without the extra pedaling. Engine-Lab E450 features five levels of pedal-assist for the classic pedaling experience and allows users to alternatively shift into throttle drive mode and effortlessly navigate the path ahead. The presence of bike lanes also allows users to avoid typical automobile congestion, which is unavoidable when using a car or a bus.

Freedom to Go Wherever

Engine-Lab E450 provides battery life for a 60-mile trip, and it only takes 4.5 hours to fully charge back. Riders are ensured a comfortable trip with Engine-Lab E450's water-resistant, vacuum-formed saddle, ergonomic lock-on anti-rotation grip, and lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Engine-Lab E450 is packed with features, but it doesn't add on the weight.

Double the Accessories, Minus the Price

Finishing touches such as the fenders, racks, and lights are all included. Riders need not worry about purchasing these extras.

Feature Highlights

  • 20MPH Class 2 bike

  • Suspension seat post

  • 500W geared rear drive motor

  • 672Wh (48V 14Ah) Samsung or LG lithium-ion 18650 cell

  • LCD display

  • Carbon fiber reinforced belt drive

  • Up to a 60-mile range

  • Removable and lockable battery

  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame

  • Available in four timeless colors: Black, Pearl White, Red, and Blue

For more information, go to http://enginelab.bike and see the press kit for more assets.

About Engine-Lab

Engine-Lab was founded in 2008. The company is passionate about developing high-end lightweight bikes with the end-user experience and product performance in mind. Through extensive research and development, the Engine-Lab team inaugurated the world's lightest alloy aluminum dual-suspension mountain bike frame. Engine-Lab intends to elevate the bike industry by entering the electric bike field in the near future.

Media Contact

Lucie Simikova, lucie@rainfactory.com

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