Dudley Street water main project continues

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MACOMB — The construction project on South Dudley Street between Franklin and Jefferson Streets seems to be moving right along, as Vance Construction has about 1,000 feet of the water main in the ground.

The contract was awarded to Vance last September, but they were not able to get started right away because materials were scarce. They have been working since mid-April on the project.

Alice Ohrtmann, Director of Public Works in the City of Macomb says after the water main is finished being laid, it needs to be tested and then work on reconnecting homes from the old main to the new main can take place.

She says there is a grant available to replace lead service lines from the homes. There will be no cost to the residents for this project, but everyone needs to let in the people from the water department to verify the homes that have lead service.

“We would still love to be able to verify the lead service lines in the homes on Dudley Street,” Ohrtmann said. “Some people are not letting them in to assess the work. This is a free service with this project as it is covered by a grant.”

“We're hoping the water main will be done in July, after they are done, then Dudley will be repaved from Jefferson St to Grant St.”

The water main project on South Johnson, from Grant Street to Harmony Lane, has been proceeding as planned. It is being done by Laverdiere Construction. Over the next few weeks there will be some lane closures at Grant and Johnson Streets. The anticipated finish date for Johnson Street is early June.

Those on South Dudley Street who still need to have their service reviewed for lead lines need to contact the business office at (309) 833-2031 and make an appointment.

This article originally appeared on The McDonough County Voice: Water main project on Macomb's Dudley Street proceeds