Dtsocialize - The New Blockchain Concept for Privacy Protection

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ZABBAR, MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 / Dtsocialize is an emerging Italian company specialized in new technologies that is making itself known despite these difficult "covid times."

This new firm is managed by the group of the same name: Dtsocialize Holding, which will soon be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The primary drive of the group revolves around the protection of privacy, with its own digital ecosystem on blockchain in progressive expansion. This new ecosystem (DTCircle) will be available on the market in few months, free and completely decentralized and democratic, therefore no ban and no censure of any kind about the digital contents shared inside the platform.

The ambitious plan is to change the rules of the game, decentralizing all the decisional processes because every single part of it will be inside a blockchain.

The platform will also have a messaging app called Uup that, unlike the others, will allow the user to register without submit phone number or email

There will be also an unique feature that will permit users to choose whether or not share the contents for commercial and profiling purpose

If the user chooses to open a peer-to-peer chat with contents that he does not want to share with any other, the messages will be decoded only by the recipient; and, everything will be saved exclusively within the memory of your device. So no more messages scattered in the air, at the mercy of anyone.

DT Coin

Another project related to Dsocialize is DT Coin, by its nature, cannot be considered a "simple" cryptocurrency to be counted among the more than 1500 digital coins now on the market, it is, in fact, something that goes much further, representing the tip of a much larger ecosystem. DT Coin is a community, a real economic system that promises to revolutionize the world of the digital economy forever. Thanks to the commitment and support of a team of developers and analysts among the most quoted in the world, Daniele Marinelli has created a constantly evolving project starting from a simple intuition: a cryptocurrency, for being spent, needs to be immersed in a "real," physical, understandable and safe dimension.

Forced Market Cap

DT Coin's value is strictly increasing thanks to the forced capitalization of its market, called Forced Market Cap.

The Forced Market Cap is managed by a powerful mathematical algorithm, safe and secure that uses advanced encryption technology and is very fast and responsive. Through it, the DT Coin revolutionizes the concept of trading, we are, in fact, facing the first cryptocurrency with forced capitalization, a currency that is in continuous growth that by its nature can never undergo price decreases.

The sale of the DT Coin managed by the Forced Market Cap in fact takes place in cycles: at each cycle, a starting price of the coin is set, which in the next cycle will be slightly increased, thus creating a constant profit. The FMC can be defined as a new exchange and market capitalization solution, and it was created for cryptocurrencies linked to assets, and DT Coin was the first cryptocurrency to choose it. The Forced Market Cap follows a logic based on a cyclical mathematical algorithm, combined with market injections thanks to the Big data, advertising, ICON partnerships, and telephone wholesale sectors.

Offering an infinite number of services

This network of services and platforms through which the user can not only concretely monetize his experiences but also take advantage of them to participate in advanced training courses, make purchases in common commercial activities, interact with other users, make payments and even open a bank account. Speaking of cryptocurrencies based on economic systems, the goal is precisely this: to offer users an infinite number of services. Facing his economic studies, the group was able to characterize his digital world thanks to another great intuition, that according to which the new "Eldorado" of this increasingly interconnected world is represented by the so-called Big Data. Each of us, every day, transmits data in a fluid, free, continuous, and often unconscious way in exchange for various kinds of services. Think of registering on a website, opening a bank account: we lose a piece of our privacy every day without asking ourselves about the real price we are paying. Is it really worth "giving away" our data in exchange for what we are getting? Our data is worth and deserves to be "paid" adequately. In fact, by joining the DT Network, each experience in which we decide to participate will be "monetized" by the user through a portion of DT Coin. Basically, each action will correspond to a definite, certain, and sure economic value.

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