Get rid of messes and find items easily with the best drawer organizers

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A white drawer with a built-in organizer
A white drawer with a built-in organizer

A messy drawer is something we all are familiar with. It can be a wardrobe drawer where you store socks and underwear or a kitchen box containing cutleries and cooking accessories. Finding something in a cluttered compartment is always a frustrating experience. You have to rummage through all your items and just end up creating a mess by the time you find the missing thing. Even if you keep your items organized inside your drawers, some clutter is inevitable. To help you overcome this issue, we have researched and shortlisted some of our favorite drawer organizers for 2022. They have multiple compartments of different sizes, great for keeping everything organized and enhancing the overall appearance of your drawers.

Top Picks

Best overall: Pipishell Wooden Drawer Organizer

This drawer organizer can be used to store small items such as cutlery, jewelry, stationery, and tools
This drawer organizer can be used to store small items such as cutlery, jewelry, stationery, and tools

This drawer organizer has two horizontal and four vertical compartments of different sizes, helping you keep everything sorted, from cutleries and knives to makeup brushes, reading accessories, and bathroom essentials. Made from bamboo, this option is highly durable and long-lasting. This product has a yellowish tinge, so you can pair it with any interior décor. You can keep it over a glass-top desk, white wooden drawers, and even a marble-top bathroom counter. It is so light that you won't have to put extra physical effort while carrying it from one place to another. If you want more storage space, expand it from both sides. With a smooth, gliding mechanism, this drawer will open to form an 8-compartment organizer. On top of everything, cleaning this product is hassle-free because all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The supreme functionality and durable construction this product offers to customers helped it land the top spot on our list and we consider it the best overall.

Key Features:

  • Has 8 compartments

  • Made of eco-friendly, sturdy bamboo

Highest quality: Criusia 3-Pack Drawer Organizer

Easily accessible to see the pattern and color to choose quickly the right combination for your workday
Easily accessible to see the pattern and color to choose quickly the right combination for your workday

This pack comes with three drawer organizers – two units have 24 medium-size cells and one unit has 16 large-size pockets. So, you’ll have 64 pockets in total, with different sizes for organizing socks, ties, lingerie, underwear, belts, and even t-shirts. With this unique design, you won’t have to deal with messy drawers anymore. Constructed from PBT fabric (polybutylene terephthalate), they feature high resistance against tearing, moisture and dust. The base has a solid and sturdy polypropylene board for resisting deformation, cracking, and bending. All the organizer units have breathable mesh walls for maintaining optimal air circulation. They also have a collapsible structure with a bottom zipper, making folding and unfolding hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 64 compartments

  • Manufactured using tear-resistant fabric and PP board, making it foldable

Greatest value: Stori Vanity Drawer Organizers

Customize your layout with individual bins in a bathroom, dresser, vanity, or desk
Customize your layout with individual bins in a bathroom, dresser, vanity, or desk

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly drawer organizer, this is the premier example you can find on the market. It has six units – divided into three sets of two of the same size. With no connection between them, you have full liberty to use them any way you want. For instance, you can keep three organizer units in a kitchen drawer and the other three on a study table. Manufactured with BPA-free, transparent plastic, these units are highly durable and offer you an unobstructed view of everything inside. You can use them anywhere too, the clear design compliments any interior décor style. They also have a stackable structure, enabling you to arrange the boxes vertically and save space. Their thick side walls also have a slight constriction near their base, making them look unique.

Key Features:

  • All the pieces have different sizes

  • Crafted using BPA-free plastic

Most versatile: SMARTAKE Drawer Organizers

The drawer organizers are made of unbreakable plastic, ensuring a long life of use
The drawer organizers are made of unbreakable plastic, ensuring a long life of use

With 13 drawers of different sizes, you can easily customize things according to your needs. You can even use them in groups in different places to organize multiple items at a time. For example, you can use three rectangular boxes for storing cutlery, while the smaller units will be great for storing different candies and treats. Made from unbreakable plastic, these boxes are long-lasting and won't shatter, even if you accidentally drop them on the ground. They also have silicone non-slip pads at the bottom, making them stay in place when opening drawers. You can arrange them in two ways – side-by-side or on top of each other, thanks to their stackable structure. With their clear walls, you can view everything you have stored in each box and save both effort and time when searching for something specific.

Key Features:

  • 13 trays, 5 different sizes

  • Unbreakable construction due to the premium-quality plastic

Most multipurpose: Kootek Desk Drawer Organizers

A great storage option for your drawer, makes everything look neat and organized
A great storage option for your drawer, makes everything look neat and organized

With nine trays of varied sizes, this set of drawer organizers can help you store multiple items, from makeup accessories to toiletries, snacks, and more. You can even keep medium-size bottles in these products, owing to their extra-large size. With strong and sturdy plastic construction, they are durable and long-lasting. And, their walls are high enough to prevent tall items from tumbling over and falling out. You can easily see which items you have placed in what box, owing to their clear, transparent construction. This will reduce the time and effort necessary for you to find a specific item, cutting it down to just seconds. The bottom also has a wavy design, further adding to its uniqueness. Since they have a stackable design, so you can keep them anywhere without worrying about a shortage of space.

Key Features:

  • 9 pieces, 4 sizes

  • Made of durable plastic with a transparent design

Finding the ultimate drawer organizers: A buyer’s guide

Drawer organizers have the ability to work wonders by transforming a messy place into a neat and clean space. But there are so many products, that finding the right one can become monotonous and baffling. And, choosing a drawer organizer at random might not fulfill all your requirements. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a complete buyer’s guide to help you invest in the right product without error. In the discussion below, we have explained some of the most crucial factors you should consider for finding the most appropriate drawer organizer.

Different types of drawer organizers

There are two types of drawer organizers you can find on the market. In the section below, we have explained their differences so that you can decide which type you should go with.


With connected compartments, box-style drawer organizers will help you keep everything in one place. Some products come with different compartment sizes, while others have similar-sized pockets. And If you want to carry the entire unit somewhere, their joined construction will help you move them within seconds.


These drawer organizers come with independent trays or compartments, giving them more versatile use. You won't have any restrictions in terms of arranging them. If you need to organize your stuff in two different places, just divide the trays into groups based on their size and utilize them to remove clutter. Despite having so many advantages, these drawer organizers do have one drawback. If you want to carry them from one place to another, you have to do so multiple times because you won’t be able to carry all the trays at once.

Key factors to consider for choosing a premium drawer organizer


Some of the most-used materials for constructing drawer organizers are bamboo, PBT, and plastic. Bamboo is eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting, while plastic is cheaper and can withstand water without damage. On the other hand, PBT fabric is extremely strong and has the ability to resist tearing, scratches and moisture. Since all these materials are light, transportation is hassle-free. Bamboo and PBT fabric won't suffer from damage if you accidentally drop them on the ground. Plastic versions offer an unobstructed view of everything you have inside.


Often, after pulling out a drawer, you’ll find the organizer box has shifted from its original position. This is why a few plastic options come with a non-slip silicone base. It prevents any sudden displacement of drawer boxes, no matter how frequently you are pulling out your drawers.

Expandable structure

Some wooden organizers have an expandable structure that lets you add more compartments. You have to slide on their bottom and the additional boxes will reveal themselves. This way, you can convert a six-compartment drawer organizer into eight boxes. You can also change its size according to your space inside the drawer. For example, if you do not have much space, use the chosen product in its normal size. But when the drawer is significantly larger, you can pull out the hidden drawers easily. This kind of adjustability is great for organizing a variety of spaces.


Most plastic organizers have stackable structures, letting you place boxes of similar sizes on top instead of keeping them side by side. This will help you save on space and organize everything easily. You can keep your most-used items on the top organizer tray, while lesser-used items can stay in the lower boxes.

Collapsible structure

Fabric drawer organizers come with a collapsible structure. You can fold and unfold them easily due to their soft structure. To keep their unfolded shape correctly, you should close the zipper usually found at the base. While folded, they become compact and ensure you won’t have to struggle with storage.

How much should you spend on a drawer organizer?

The cost of drawer organizers ranges from $14.99 to $29.99. To draw up an estimate, you can get some clarification from the examples mentioned below.

  • Wooden drawer organizers are costlier than plastic or fabric versions.

  • If you’re comparing plastic models, the price will increase with the number of trays.

  • When you choose a drawer organizer pack with extra-large trays, its cost will be higher than with other products.

How and where to use drawer organizers

You can use the drawer organizers in many places and in different ways. In the section below, we have illustrated some ideas so you can efficiently use these products and get rid of all your excess clutter.

  • You can use a drawer organizer in your wardrobe to keep socks, underwear, ties, and lingerie sorted.

  • One of the common items that create a mess is makeup brushes. Using a drawer organizer will help you keep them in their proper place.

  • If you have a ton of lipstick, nail polish, or other makeup items, separate them into groups and keep each group in a separate compartment.

  • Larger models are perfect for keeping shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and other toiletries that can otherwise form a mess on shelves or bathroom counters.

  • One of the best uses of drawer organizers is in the kitchen. You can keep spatulas, ladles, spoons, forks, and different types of knives separately in the compartments.

  • If your desk is always a mess due to scattered pens, pencils, clips, erasers, and other small items, use a drawer organizer to keep them organized appropriately.

People also asked

Q. How can I clean a drawer organizer?

A. When cleaning a drawer organizer, you need a moist or damp cloth. You can use soap solution but only when it is necessary. With the damp cloth, rub both the external and internal surfaces of your chosen product. It will clean away dirt, stains, and debris, leaving behind a spotless drawer organizer.

Q. Can I keep a drawer organizer in a refrigerator?

A. Even though some drawer organizers have a plastic construction, it's better if you do not keep them inside a refrigerator. Their materials might not be able to withstand low temperatures and might eventually form cracks.

Q. How can I remove scratch marks from a drawer organizer?

A. If you find scratch marks on the walls of a drawer organizer, use a damp cloth and gently rub the surfaces. This will eliminate only fine scratches. If the marks are too deep, they can’t be removed easily.

Q. Are plastic drawer organizers unbreakable?

A. No, not all plastic drawer organizers are unbreakable. Most products are fragile. If you drop them accidentally on a hard surface, they will form cracks or hard-to-remove scratch marks, assuming they don’t just shatter into pieces. So, you should check whether your chosen product has an unbreakable construction.

Q. Can I place drawer organizers on my bedside table?

A. Most bedside tables have small-size drawers. They do not have a ton of space in their internal compartments. So, if you want to organize your belongings inside your bedside table drawers, you have to use small products that can fit inside easily without much struggle.