Dr. Hunter Finn Announces the Launch of his Veterinary Career

Dr. Finn is Now a Practicing Veterinarian in Arlington, Texas

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2019 / Dr. Hunter Finn is pleased to announce that he has officially began his career as a veterinarian in Arlington, Texas.

To learn more about Dr. Finn, check out his Instagram page at http://instagram.com/dr.hunterfinn.

As Dr. Finn noted, his childhood dog sparked his interest in veterinary medicine. His parents had just divorced, and his mother finally gave in to his relentless requests for a puppy.

Fifteen years later, Dr. Finn graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Although he applied to a number of veterinary schools at the time, he was not accepted to any of them, including his "dream veterinary program" at Louisiana State University.

After feeling understandably discouraged by the experience, Dr. Finn said he decided to give his goal of becoming a veterinarian another go. He retook the entrance exam, re-enrolled in certain classes again to help boost his GPA and practiced his interview skills every week until he felt comfortable talking to a crowd of strangers.

"One year later, I applied only to LSU and was accepted into the class of 2019. The roller coaster called veterinary school over the next 4 years was full of excitement, fear, heartbreak, and triumph," Dr. Finn said.

When Dr. Finn finally made it to the clinical portion of veterinary school, he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. After undergoing surgery to remove the cancer on his back, as well as a few lymph nodes to be sure it hadn't spread, Dr. Finn hired a nutritionist to help get his physical health back on track, and also ensure he would finish school.

"After graduating veterinary school, I accepted a job as a companion animal vet in Arlington Texas at a fantastic clinic that has far surpassed any and all expectations I had of what life could be like as a veterinarian when I was just a kid dreaming of this exact moment," Dr. Finn said, adding that as part of his work, he performs veterinary acupuncture.

Dr. Finn said that despite the challenges he faced along the way, he knew he would never give up on his goal to become a veterinarian.

"I became a veterinarian because it is my passion. The human animal bond truly is a gift, and anything I can do to help strengthen and improve that bond is a life worth living to me."

About Dr. Hunter Finn:

Dr. Hunter Finn is a new veterinarian practicing in Arlington, Texas. His mission and goal are to help people and their pets live longer, healthier lives, as well as promoting quality of life for both pets and their humans. For more information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/dr.hunterfinn/.

Hunter Finn

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