"Downton Abbey: A New Era" Is Here, So Here Are 21 Brutally Hilarious Lines From The Dowager Countess

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If you can believe it, it's been three years since the release of the first Downton Abbey film. And now, the Crawley family and the staff of Downton have returned to the big screen for Downton Abbey: A New Era.

John Bates walking away from the country house.
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If you're a fan of the show (and first film), you'll definitely want to check out Downton Abbey: A New Era. It's like a warm, comforting hug from an old friend, and let's be honest, who DOESN'T need that right now?! As always, the costumes and production design are GORGEOUS, and there's a lot of wonderful wish fulfillment for so many characters. Basically, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wish you could live in that world forever.

Two characters getting married in "Downton Abbey"
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Of course, one of the best parts of Downton Abbey is the Dowager Countess herself, Violet Crawley — played by the legendary Maggie Smith.

Violet Crawley
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So, in celebration of the latest addition to the Downton legacy, here's an appreciation of some of Violet Crawley's best, funniest, and most brutal moments over the years...

1.Like the time the Dowager gave a cold, but honest, reception to her potential, future in-law:

Violet Crawley saying, "Well, we could always start with Mrs. Crawley and Lady Grantham."

2.And the time she said this HIGHLY relatable line about friends:

Violet Crawley saying, "I have plenty of friends I don't like."

3.The time she made this perfect set up for a joke:

Violet Crawley saying, "Exactly."

4.The time she felt she wasn't clear enough:

Violet Crawley saying, "I must have said it wrong."

5.The time Lord Grantham tried out a new fashion trend (black tie) and the Dowager threw this shade at him:

Violet Crawley saying, "I thought you were a waiter."

6.The time she threw this roadblock down:

Violet Crawley saying, "I wouldn't know. I'm not familiar with the sensation."

7.The time she laid down this fact:

Violet Crawley saying, "I'm a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose."

8.The time she took (another) jab at enemy-to-best-friend Mrs. Crawley:

Violet Crawley saying, "Why? Is she making a suit of armor?"

9.The time she questioned technology:

Violet Crawley saying, "Is this an instrument of communication or torture?"

10.The time she wanted to make it clear she wasn't a romantic:

Violet Crawley saying, "I've been called many things, but never that."

11.The time she wanted to clear the air about her allegedly meddling with Mary and Matthew's romance:

Violet Crawley saying, "Your quarrel is with my daughter Rosamund. Not me. So put that in your pipe and smoke it."

12.The time she tried to give Edith advice after she was left at the altar:

Violet Crawley saying, "Well, no. You can't be as desperate as that."

13.And then proceeded to get frustrated with Edith a few seconds later:

Violet Crawley saying, "Stop whining and find something to do!"

14.The time she got brutally honest about handling the very arrogant Dr. Philip Tapsell:

Violet Crawley saying, "If there's one thing I'm quite indifferent to, it's Philip Tapsell's feelings."

15.The time she took this lil' jab at sweet Mr. Molesley's dancing:

Violet Crawley saying, "If only he would stay inside."

16.The time she agreed with Branson about illogical British aristocracy titles:

Violet Crawley saying, "But if I ever had to search for logic, I would not look for it among the English upper class."

17.The time she sat in a swivel chair, nearly fell off, and was still able to make a joke about it:

Violet Crawley saying, "Why does every day involve a fight with an American?"

18.The time she made sure to remind Lord Grantham who's the mother and who's the child (when he was acting up):

Violet Crawley saying, "When you talk like that, I'm tempted to ring for nanny and have you put to bed with no supper."

19.The time she took YET ANOTHER jab at Mrs. Crawley:

Violet Crawley saying, "Of course she is. She's just not entitled to win it."

20.The time she actually supported Mrs. Crawley (and also gave more sage advice):

Violet Crawley saying, "There's nothing simpler than avoiding people you don't like. Avoiding one's friends...that's the real test."

21.And finally, the time she said this ICONIC line:

Violet Crawley saying, "Wh...What is a weekend?"

Downton Abbey: A New Era is playing now ONLY in theaters! And you can watch the official trailer here: