Domino’s will slice $3 off your pizza’s price if you skip delivery

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Omicron has done what the Noid couldn’t accomplish, bending Domino’s Pizza to its will.

The chain has announced it will offer a $3 “tip” to customers who order their pizza online and choose carryout instead of delivery. That credit can only be used on future orders.

The promotion begins Monday and will run through at least May 22. The company, like many in the food service industry, is facing a severe shortage of workers and is hoping to reduce stress on the ones who have remained with the company as they approach one of the busiest times of the year: Super Bowl season.

Domino’s, on average, sells roughly 2 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, a 30% increase over the average on that day of the week.

The company, so far, has resisted the growing trend among fast food companies to reduce its working hours as labor shortages continue and the Omicron variant runs wild throughout the country. McDonald's are open 10% fewer hours on average than before the pandemic. Starbucks and Chipotle are have also announced some of their locations will experience reduced working hours.

Domino’s, however, has made some changes, citing inflation, including reducing the number of chicken wings it offers per order from 10 to 8.

The $3 credit can be combined with other specials on the next order—as long as the minimum order is $5, which might appeal to bargain-hunting customers, especially those who have abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions at this point.

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