Dominic Choi makes history as LAPD's first Asian American assistant chief

Korean American officer Dominic Choi made history as the first Asian American assistant chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The promotion: Choi’s promotion to assistant chief now gives him the second-highest ranking in the department. He is one of three assistant chiefs, according to CBS Los Angeles.

  • He was also the first Korean American to be promoted to deputy chief, NextShark previously reported.

  • “For the chief to have confidence in me to select me for this position, I’m honored,” he said. “I’m excited. It’s a huge challenge, I think I’m up for it, and I’m just ready to start off running and doing the best job I can.”

  • He believes that a continued focus on community policing is the long-term solution to the problems within society and wants the LAPD to “shift into really being a part of the community.”

  • A promotion ceremony was held in honor of Choi at the South Korean Consulate residence at Hancock Park in Los Angeles. Reporter Suzie Suh nicknamed him “ACDC,” short for Assistant Chief Dominic Choi.

History: Choi has served as part of the LAPD for 25 years in positions such as an investigative and an internal affairs officer.

  • He originally attended the University of Southern California and graduated with an accounting degree. After working as a life audit for two years, he decided it just “wasn’t for him.”

  • Choi states that one of the reasons he joined the LAPD was because he was an “adrenaline junkie.”

  • He quickly moved up the ranks from being a sergeant, lieutenant, captain, commander, deputy chief and now assistant chief.

  • Choi credits his success to his wife for taking care of the responsibilities at home so he could focus on his career, and his parents for their generosity and kindness, especially his dad.

Featured Image via CBS Los Angeles

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