Dog's Trip to Visit Santa at the Mall Is Too Cute to Miss

Every pup should go and meet Santa this year!

If your pup has never visited Santa before, this year could be the year! One dog mom brought her German Shorthaired Pointer@eva_on_point, to visit Jolly Old St. Nick at their local mall's pet photo night, and the results are just adorable. It won't take long for you to see how excited she is to be there!

Even though she was bouncing off the walls, Eva's excitement made for the sweetest photo with Santa. We wonder what she wants for Christmas!

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Okay, where can we find an event like this for our pups? It's too cute to miss out on! From Eva's reindeer nibbles to her encounter with the man in red, everything about this video is full of Christmas cheer. 

"THE BITING OF THE NOSES" was a favorite of @mythomanic's, and of ours, too. We can see why! As Eva's mom explained, "they were just teethy kisses," but they're so unique and sweet, too. As long as the reindeer still had a nose afterward, we're all for it!

"My pointer will definitely bark at Santa and steal his hat," said @deemruten. LMAO! We'd be lying if we didn't admit that we want to see that, but we also understand if you decide not to take your chances. It's easy to underestimate a chaotic pup! 

Clearly, though, this breed is known for energy. Another dog owner, @emilyydigneyy95 wrote, "My pointer is so crazy I don’t think she’d sit still for this!" Oh well--there are plenty of ways to include your pup in this year's festivities!

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