Is this dog talking or am I crazy?

Typically, dogs communicate with us by barking, whining or pawing our legs until we pet them and/or give them a treat. Dogs can’t speak in the traditional sense, after all, so they have to rely on what they can do — which is be cute and loud. TikTok user lexi.lee01’s dog is different, though. In a now-viral video, many people believe that the dog is using actual words to communicate that she wants the car window down. “Are you excited? You want the window down a little bit?” Lexi asks her dog in the video as the dog paces in the back seat. “Mhm,” her dog seems to respond as an affirmation that she does indeed want to feel the breeze against her face as they drive home. Her video has received more than 266,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments. “I swear I heard ‘just a little’ or ‘yes ma’am,'” one person said. “I heard ‘ya think?'” another added. “I transcribe for a living and that dog really said ‘just a little,'” a third commented. “Omg so scary,” a fourth added