Dog shooting in Virginia under investigation

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May 11—BARREN SPRINGS, Va. — A search for whoever shot a pet dog multiple times, resulting in the amputation of its tail and one of its legs, is still underway in Wythe County, Va.

The Wythe County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate an April 29 shooting of a pet dog in Barren Springs, according to a statement from the Wythe County Administrator's Office.

Wythe County Animal Control Officer S.G. Dauley received a call that day to check on a wounded animal. She responded, along with Deputy E.L. Queen, discovering a dog with multiple gunshot wounds. Dauley rushed the dog to a local veterinarian for initial care, then contacted multiple animal rescues for assistance with ongoing treatment and recovery.

The owner indicated they could not afford treatment, so possession was signed over to Pulaski Animal Care & Control, and the organization is fundraising for his care, according to county officials.

Treatment so far has included care for the gunshot wounds, amputation of the dog's tail and a likely amputation of a front leg. The sheriff's office continues to process the evidence.

Deputy Queen continues to investigate and is seeking witnesses. Any suspects are likely to face animal cruelty charges, county officials said.

"Animal Control Officer Dauley and Deputy Queen should be commended for their quick efforts to save the life of this dog," said Assistant Wythe County Administrator Matthew Hankins. "Their actions and those of the animal rescue went above and beyond in a call that initially seemed hopeless; strong partnerships with veterinarians and rescue groups gave us hope that this pet will fully recover."

Anyone who witnessed the shooting or heard shots in the vicinity of Barren Springs on April 29 can contact Deputy Queen at the Wythe County Sheriff's Office, 276-223-6001.

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