What does NBS mean on TikTok? If you hear it, it’s getting serious

You may have stumbled across the acronym NBS on the web, here's what it actually means. NBS is an acronym for the phrase "no bull****" . According to Urban Dictionary, it means, "No bull****, an old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious. The phrase is typically deployed to signal that things are about to get real or that the situation should be taken seriously. Urban Dictionary cites the example, "I need to talk to you, NBS" . "If you see me and I'm with parents... I don't know you, sorry," @zoeeoliviaa_ said in a video with the hashtag #nbs. "I look a hot mess 97 percent of the time but that three percent, that three percent go crazy. LMAO," @da.baby.kaii shared in a TikTok. "If this not facts #nbs". "All of my posts are on three percent," one person said. "I make all my TikToks on that three percent," another wrote