DJ Mustard To Ex-Wife: I Pay For Everything…Including Your Lambo! Now, Stop Harassing Me Online


DJ Mustard is responding to his ex-wife's claim that she is owed money in their divorce, saying he straight up pays for everything including a huge amount of spousal and child support and even her LAMBO!

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, Mustard is firing back against his former wife -- Chanel Thierry -- claiming she is making the divorce process difficult while he continues to pay a huge amount to her, including harassment on social media.

In DJ Mustard's response, he is demanding joint legal and physical custody of his minor children, including having equal rights to make important educational and medical decisions. Of course, he is willing to pay the agreed-upon amount of child support of $18,342 a month. In fact, he says at this point has even paid almost $40,000 OVER what is owed.

DJ Mustard: I Pay For All My Ex-Wife's Expenses And Everything For My Children


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DJ Mustard To Ex-Wife: I Pay For Everything...Including Your Lambo! Now, Stop Harassing Me Online
DJ Mustard To Ex-Wife: I Pay For Everything...Including Your Lambo! Now, Stop Harassing Me Online

We broke the story, Chanel alleges he isn't paying the agreed-upon amount of support. He says it's not only a lie, it's reckless and defamatory.

He writes, "Chanel’s claim that I have starved her out financially since separation is a flat-out lie. From the time Chanel and I separated in May 2022, I continued to uphold my obligation to support her and the children. I continued to pay all of Chanel’s living expenses, including all of her credit card bills. I also continued paying Chanel’s housing costs and the children’s expenses including private school tuition."

Adding, "Along with the voluntary child support, I also have continued paying for 100% of our children’s educational, medical and extra-curricular expenses. Finally, I have also paid 100% of our agreed-upon spousal support buy-out of $315,000 in accordance with the terms of the Premarital Agreement."

DJ Mustard Asks Court To Stop Ex-Wife's Harassment Online

DJ Mustard To Ex-Wife: I Pay For Everything...Including Your Lambo! Now, Stop Harassing Me Online

As for her luxury vehicle, Mustard says, "Furthermore, since separation, I have also continued paying $2,302 a month for Chanel’s vehicle, a Lamborghini Urus (SUV), which has a value of approximately $270,000."

Shockingly, Mustard points out that his ex-wife described the incredible car as a "Ghetto bday gift."

DJ Mustard is represented by celebrity attorney, Samantha Spector, and is set to face off with his ex in court to hash out the issues between them.  As for spousal support, Mustard claims he has paid Chanel all of the support due and owed, to the tune of $315,000.  Per their premarital agreement, which appears to be ironclad, the musician claims his obligation to pay spousal support should be "extinguished and terminated."  Mustard says he has already made a generous contribution of $45,000 to Chanel's attorney's fees.

DJ Mustard To Ex-Wife: I Pay For Everything...Including Your Lambo! Now, Stop Harassing Me Online

Mustard claims Chanel is doing everything in her power to undermine the success of the joint parenting plan, and her alleged hostility toward him is the "primary driver of co-parenting conflict in this case." Also, Mustard claims Chanel has repeatedly harassed and disparaged him on her Instagram page "holding him out to the public in a false and defamatory light." Mustard claims his ex-wife has also used the online court communication tool, provided by the court, as "an additional avenue to harass" him.

In the end, he says "Chanel’s social media posts disturb my peace and emotional calm, given that her accusations are false. The only reason why I have hesitated to take action is that I do not think any additional conflict between me and Chanel is in the best interests of our children."

It appears Mustard intends to fight for his rights with the children, saying, "I am loving and present father to our three children. Their well-being and health are of the utmost priority to me. I am greatly involved in the daily lives of each of our children." But, clearly, he is willing to take the high road.